Ghetto TV Facebook page hacked – Ssegirinya Muhammad

Ghetto Tv Facebook page has been hacked by unknown people this afternoon. This followed after a certain post mocking people Power Movement followers appeared on the page.

Fortebet Uganda

“After doing research and analyzing the way people power supporters are violating the freedom of speech, the survey has shown that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is swearing in again in 2021,” the hackers posted.

“CRIME ALERT: Regime operatives have tried so many times to capture my Facebook account and take hold of it, but they have not yet succeeded. Today, the criminal regime has succeeded in hacking into and taking hold of the Ghetto TV page.

They have removed all administrators to the page and right now it’s under their control. A shameful, shameful regime. They are scared of the live broadcasts which Ghetto TV has been doing of all our activities. They talk of a scientific election, yet can’t even stand a Facebook page!

As our teams try to do everything to regain control of the page, ignore any propaganda that may be posted there. The evidence is all over that the regime has never been as panicky as it is now. LET US JUST INCREASE THE PRESSURE AND THEY WILL BE NO MORE,” Bobi Wine posted.

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Details to follow…

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