Full Zahara Toto story – Break up, Settling in and her perfect replacement

Full Zahara Toto story 2020
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I would say a long time but the world runs faster than my tongue and the speed it rotates from the core of its axis is the same speed Ugandan celebrities are using to drive us.
A hidden relationship usually lasts because no one knows what you ate last night and when you last kissed each other, here is what happens when you decide to go public, allow me to introduce to you the celebrity couple went sour between Zaha Toto and Don Solomon also known as Big Papa.

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2020 has been a good year for Nalumansi Zahara who most of us know as Zahara Toto. Zahara is a gossip Tv presenter on Nbs Tv who hosts a show called Uncut with here old pal Anatalia Oze but her work life is not why we came here today, as for celebrities, like other people, they also fall in love and Zahara is a victim of love too.

In around October 2019, Zahara Toto who was by then a single mother with four kids happened to find a lover by the names Don Solomon. In most of our eyes this seemed like a no brainer kind of relationship and most people saw it as cupboard love but here hold my glass, it wasn’t.

Zahara Toto and Don Solomon
Zahara Toto (R) and Don Solomon (L)

Nalumansi and Don Solomon fell deep in love every time they stayed around each other, Zahara Toto was even slashed to ice on different media outlets with people calling his now Ex-boyfriend a baboon according to his physical appearance but this did not stop the Lugambo queen from loving her thing.

“It is all about money, they will break up, she is just draining the poor thing,” were the words on every person’s lips but Zahara Toto has always proved them wrong and it was a good ride but as it was nearing the 1-year anniversary celebrations of being in love, their boat hit an Ice bag on 10th August and as I speak now, they are as silent as a grave.

In what seemed like a happy relationship, there were hiccups that emanated and everything turned so fast from smooth to bumpy. Don Solomon accuses Zahara Toto of being too violent and disrespectful and since the day these love birds fought, each has been taking to social media to claim the boss of the break-up.

There is a video where Don Solomon and Zahara Toto were recorded, Solomon was asking Zahara to let him leave the house and she was not in the moods to let him do that, the big man kept asking her to let him go but she was resistant and insisted the two had to talk after both calming down a conversation emerged between them and I will script it down for you.

“You will not disrespect me the way you have done, you called my mother a bitch, you insulted my father, you insulted everybody, people you have never even seen in your life. You embarrassed me in front of my house, even the gateman was telling me, ‘How could you have such a woman.” Don Solomon ranted not willing to listen to Zahaa Toto’s, please.

Continuing, he said, “Pastor, my friend I called him to come around and you hit him with a stone, he got four stitches on his head because of you.”
It’s now that Zahara interrupted saying, “I don’t care about your friend, the only person I care about is you.”
Don Solomon then cut in and asked, “You don’t care about him? It is okay, ” and then he added saying “Zahara let me tell you one thing right now, am done, and please let me go out of this place.”

Zahara Toto stopped him on the spot with a teary reply… “I can not.”
Don Solomon then reminded her that It was not by force and that he could not love her by force asking her if she wanted him to bribe her.

Now at this juncture, the story had already turned its tail around and Zahara was pleading with her knees down, she kept asking him to sit down in the most polite voice I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth, “Sit down baby, sit down,” she pleaded but Don Solomon was angry and biting, he could not listen to her words at that moment.

” I don’t want to be with you, I’m not going to sit down, am going to call your mom now, explain to her everything that has happened and am going to show her evidence of everything you have done today. Zahara I don’t want to be with you, I swore to my mom and I don’t want, I don’t want,” Don Solomon hissed in his Nigerian accent and Zahara could be heard in the Background pleading, “Please no, baiby, baiby, baiby, do I beg you sometimes?

No… If I’m begging you today, I’ve made a mistake,” she said but the Big Papa assured her that even if she was begging him now something she rarely did, it was not going to work and it was not going to change anything.

Solomon kept accusing her of calling his mother a bitch and when she said she didn’t remember doing such a thing he threatened to bring her the tape or audio in which he had the evidence of her doing it and again she pleaded for him not to go.


Queen Ann and Zahara Toto

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I was drunk soo drunk,” she pleaded but the ruthless don was not on the listening end anymore. Anyways to cut the long story short the two had a fight thereafter when Don Solomon was going out of the house and Zahara kept pulling him back and that seemed like the last nail in the coffin for their relationship.

Now there has been a lot going on between both parties’ sides and Don Solomon quickly posted his new lover called Queen Ann and through his snap chat, he criticized and said he has his personal reasons as to why he can’t continue with Zahara Toto one of them being that Queen Ann is just 22 years and has no child on her whilst Zahara Toto is 40 years and has four kids with four different men… Alarming!!!

Queen Ann
22-year-old Queen Ann

Zahara Toto has also been posting on her snap chat in reply and the screenshots are available for you to follow closely but after the hefty break-up, where has Zahara Toto gone and how is she managing.
Now in reply to Don Solomon’s posting a new girl, Zahara has since then been quiet and off the radar with reports that even Nbs Tv suspended her from working till she was calm and good to go.

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Nalumansi has since then posted pictures with a new man, not new in her life but a guy she once knew way back called Rueben Robert half Indian, half Ugandan. She has posted many videos flaunting and getting romantic with the man she says she now loves very much.

Actually she has even been spotted wearing outfits with the guy’s name at the back, in love not so. Wait for it, all this has again been dropped down by close sources saying those videos Zahara is uploading now were recorded around December 2019 and February 2020.

Has Zahara Toto replaced Don Solomon or No??? Keep with us we shall get you the latest updates. We Are Cyclone

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