Full Figure shakes the internet after giving birth to Late Col. Bantariza’s baby boy

Presidential Advisor Jennifer Nakangubi alias Full figure has surprised the internet after giving birth in the struggle.

NRM mobilizer and self-appointed presidential advisor, Jennifer Nakangubi is widely known as Full Figure has just gifted the deceased UPDF historical, Col. Shaban Bantariza with a bouncing baby boy.

Full Figure with her child after giving birth.

In a Facebook post already spiking massive comments, Full Figure posts photos of herself and the newborn baby whom she names after president Museveni as a tribute to her late husband Col. Shaban Bantariza.

“I can’t thank God enough for you my handsome son Museveni Kairos Pearl welcome to this wonderful world,” Full Figure posted immediately after giving birth to her baby boy.

As usual, the big-mouthed social media commentators couldn’t hold back from hitting to her.

See the comments below.

Enan Stuart Bajjo ajogaaa now he made introduction over the weekend so that the offals can work this week for Fulfigure 😆😆😆

Princess Nassuna The stress of bajjo unveiling the love of his life wouldn’t keep the baby in the womb….congratulations.
Corpus Callosum Hippocampus
That baby is already programmed. Like mother like baby.Glory to God and congrats to her on pulling through successfully.

Mwebaze T Gryce This woman is very strong banange, u can’t be pregnant n still talk too much like that, u are brave n strong. Congratulations

Kobusinge Julie: Bajo, Balam and full figure Happy birthday or sorry congs. Its for Balam that’s why Bajjo was abusing him. Hope she won’t shout again it was because of the pregnancy.Bakukubye akafulu madam mouth hooo

Kemigisa Hope Bambi congratulations to her, and I’m sure she’s to come back shouting the dad😂.

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Plover Davido If the father is bajjo and the mum is full figure then Uganda should totally worried about that product 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

Kiyemba Samuel Naye Abasajja. Era that guy just slept with her but can’t share a home with her.

Fay-th Kansiime RuhangaKemigisa Hope hahahahaha I didn’t know that she was heavy hmmmmm but mennnnnnnn.

Atim Suhani MamaEthan A moment of silence to the baby daddyHe deserves a medal from bosikoIt’s not easy mounting a quarrelsome woman like Fool figure 😊Congrats anyway.

Luyima Earnest Congratulations Frank Gashuma and full figure😎.

Jastine Rity Chary Bambi congratulations to her, all mothers have to be congratulated whenever they bring life to the world.

Tonny Jawoko Whoever impregnated her deserves a medal of honour for his bravery. True soldier

Justine Grace Acam Its really gd to have fats in d belly cheeyi I didn’t even know dis lady was hiding a human being inside her stomach Bambi Cong’s to her though.

Hanipha Sheena Kazibwe If you feel sorry for that innocent child, Jennifer has brought to this world gather here and we cry together, coz I can imagine the pain of having such a mother bambi😵😥😥

Raymond Alinda Aki Whoever impregnated her must be a war general. Chaiii…….Imagine!

Ellen Ayebare Eeeeeee so this lady has been shouting while pregnant. God shd save the baby

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