Frank Gashumba Roars Back At Tina Fierce

Frank Gashumba

Following the recent buzz of events between the Sheila Gashumba camp and Tina Fierce who single-handedly attacked each of them from Sheilah, Frank Gashumba her dad, and her muscular boyfriend Marcus Lwanga aka God’s plan, there is a clear lining and concrete evidence that the Gashumba’s are having their reven.

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First, the Sheilah Gashumba camp got Tina Fierce’s show Sqoop on scoop suspended from Urban Tv with the help of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Sheilah Gashumba then started a plan to organize a party to celebrate the suspension of Tina and now her father Frank Gashumba has joined the band.

To take you back a little bit, for those that followed our story about the battle between Tina and Sheilah Gashumba, Tina Fierce attacked Frank Gashumba who is Sheila Gashumba’s father and called him a useless Facebook motivational speaker and a useless dad as well who has failed to be a father to his daughter by letting her sleep around with men and also stay with Marcus or God’s Plan. Frank Gashumba has been quiet and had never come out to publically speak anything responding to Tina until recently when he decided to roar back at the jobless Tv presenter.

In a Facebook live video, Frank Gashumba sharpened his tools and threw them with all his might at Tina Fierce, he called her a mother of three and an old woman who should by now be looking after her family and not stupidly demeaning a 20-year-old girl Sheilah Gashumba.

In his own words while speaking Luganda he said;
“A woman who has three kids, with all of them having different fathers, you wake up daily and use a Tv station to abuse a young girl, I think its the bad situation you are in but I don’t even get it at all.
Sikitegera(I don’t get it) and I pray to God to give me that strength to understand it, a single mother having three kids!! each a different father, and they use Boda Bodas to move… I also use Boda Bodas, fine but you, every day you attack a young girl because you are being paid Ugx 20k, 30k,” he lamented

He then went on and used a Luganda proverb which says “Akusinga Ewaka Aba akusinga ne mu Kibira,” which means that (someone who is better than you at home is also better than you in the forest) with a hidden meaning usually interpreted by different people in their own ways according to what is being discussed at that moment.

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He then added that even if we want it or not the person who is Trending right now is Bobi wine or Robert Kyagulanyi who is the current member of parliament of Kyadondo East. Frank further questioned his followers that why are social media platforms of other countries and cities like Nairobi, Accra Ghana having more productive content, and also having women helping each other than ours here.

Comparing his daughter Sheilah Gashumba to Tina Fierce, he said, “The achievements Sheilah has at just the age of 18, you Tina Fierce will never get, never.” He also used that opportunity to thank and appreciate Mc Ibrah the Wolokoso Master for having apologized about the Lydia Jazmine saga calling him mature and civilized. That of course only means one thing, Tina Fierce is immature and uncivilized even if he, Frank Gashumba didn’t mention it.

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He then put the last nail in the coffin when he threw Tina Fierce into the bins saying she should be using the time she wastes on abusing and tarnishing celebrity’s names for taking care of her kids and taking them to good schools.

“I have spent some days watching most of your videos and it is shocking you don’t even have a dress or cloth of twenty thousand shillings in your wardrobe, and you are there abusing people,” he ranted.

There has been a lot going on around this story and for sure we are going to be following it with you to the very end so make sure you check with us daily to see what materialized, who said what, and who got hurt by what. Thanks for reading and watch the video below to have a full depth of this story.

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