Francis Zaake Butebi referred to Nsambya hospital

Francis Zaake Butebi

Mityana municipality member of Parliament Hon. Francis Zaake Butebi has been referred to Nsambya hospital. In addition, after his health state worsened at Iran-Hospital at Naguru. Zaake was arrested on Saturday the 19th of April, 2020 at his home for allegedly giving food illegally to the people of Mityana.

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Therefore, his health has called for attention from different horns in the politics of Uganda, for example, Bobi Wine. He has today spoken about the latest health updates of Francis Zaake Butebi.

“So, this morning, the Iran-Uganda hospital referred Hon. Francis Zaake to Nsambya hospital. According to the hospital’s diagnosis, Hon. Zaake suffers from “Generalised blunt force trauma and chemical conjunctivitis.” The doctor also indicates that the reason for being referred to Nsambya is because he is unable to open his eyes properly despite a week of treatment. Unfortunately despite this, the police decided to drive him to Mityana and present him to court after our lawyers moved to demand his unconditional release!

Police spokesman Fred Enanga shamelessly claimed that Hon. Zaake was never tortured! How do they explain this? Many of us have been denied access to him to date. His wife tells me he is in extreme pain. He has been denied the chance to access medical treatment in a private facility. It is very difficult to imagine how these people sleep at night! But there is a God in heaven. A day will come when all this will be behind us, in the New Uganda!,” Bobi Wine posted on his wall.

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Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s Speech today on Francis Zaake Butebi

“On Saturday 19th April 2020 Hon Francis Zaake, the Member of Parliament for Mityana Municipality was arrested by security operatives.  In addition, in both Uniform and non-uniform for giving food to starving residents in his constituency in Mityana Municipality. He was taken to Mityana police station, later he was taken to CMI and finally detained at Kireka. However, Hon Francis Zaake has asserted that he was brutally tortured at all those detention facilities. Therefore, torture and the substance they powered in his face have caused him to lose his sight. In addition, and a lot of body pains. It was a one Hon Mwiru who was allowed to see him at Kireka. Mwiru therefore, insisted that Zaake was not in a stable condition.

In addition and needed to seek better health facilities elsewhere. He was eventually taken to the Iran Uganda hospital in Naguru but under detention since the hospital is still under siege.

However, they are not allowing any visitors to see him. I personally tempted to visit Francis Zaake Butebi.

However, the wife’s phones were all taken since the security operatives though she could take pictures of him. In addition, and expose the proof of torture.

Hon Francis continues to be detained illegally after 8 solid days of his arrest, however, we insist that Hon Francis Zaake committed no offense. Therefore we demand his immediate release since he needs to seek the medical facility of his choice without control of the security operatives.

We also demand that the government takes action against the NRM leaders who in a manner also went on to break the regulation of the social distancing request to give out food.  We recently Hon Seninde the state minister for primary Education giving out food. It’s unbearable for the state to persecute Hon Zaake who followed the guideline yet nothing has been said about the NRM leaders who violated the guidelines. We assert that no one is above the guidelines and also assert that prosecution against the opposition leaders should stop. In addition, the state must stop using the coronavirus pandemic as an advantage over the opposition,” Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert concluded.  

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