Flu vaccines make one tests HIV positive

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Medical reports show that some Flu vaccines make the genes of human immune system produce proteins which make you test HIV positive.

A one Godfrey Ntaro (39) in his preparation for a security guard job in Somalia, as requirement he underwent HIV medical tests at “The Surgery hospital Naguru”.

The results came positive and to his consent he wasn’t referring to his recent similar tests at different medical facilities.

Ntaro reacted to wife and accused her for having caused his life and family an HIV mess as for him he doesn’t engage in multiple sexual activities.

“I called my wife and quarreled, pinning her to have caused me HIV positive,” he asserted.

He added that his wife immediately went for testing with her children and the results were negative.

Ntaro says he approached top administrators of the hospital but they were not so helpful and they are trying to avoid the matter.

“I even started swallowing ARVs and my life has really changed and all my body isn’t feeling well,” he added.

Ntaro has told this website that he moved to other hospitals like Ebenezer and Alpha but the results were fine (negative).

Medical officers predict that the victim used unidentified flu vaccines before HIV testing which caused him to test positive.

Ntaro with his lawyer have filed a case to courts of law and it’s under execution.

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