“Fefe Bussi Ate My sumbie and infected me with HIV” – Leila Official

Leila Official
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There has been a fire in the Fefe Bussi Camp after a Facebook slay queen who goes by the name Leila Official (ōfíçïãl) took to her Facebook profile. In addition, and posted her discontent ideas in one of the groups Facebook called LOVE STORIES. Hmm, how the pencil size rapper had live sex with her, impregnated and also infected her with HIV.

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In her post she said,
“Fefe Bussi smallest rapper impregnated me and gave me HIV six months ago.
I have come here to publish this story to the public because I need your help. My name is Leila ōfíçïãl In a Musoga by the tribe. I grew up in Iganga but I studied I Kampala living in Kibuli. In addition, I have desired to share this story with the public. This is because I have been patient for six months but right now I can not handle it anymore.

Leila Official and Fefe
Smallest rapper Fefe Bussi

Six months ago before this Quarantine began Fefe Bussi Music found in a club(H20 Kololo). He told me that he loves me and he took me to his home in Munyonyo st Ponciano. We had unprotected sex several times and I became pregnant. Therefore I told him after testing positive in a hospital and he promised me to take care of me.

However, after telling me that he started rejecting my calls.” Leila Official narrated.

Leila Official

In this same post, she explained how she decided to keep quiet because she did not want to tarnish his name but then broke up and said she was now tired and had decided to turn the switch red because Fefe Bussi has since then refused to return or pick her calls and that she has no one to take care of her. She then cried out to everyone who could reach out to Fefe to please inform him of her situation.

Leila Official
Leila Official

“I was even tested by HIV Positive. I have nowhere to live please help me and share this message to him. If he refuses to respond am going to publish our message chats and voice messages talking. Therefore I need your help share this message.” she concluded with running Emojis

There has been no official statement from Fefe Bussi but then there was a quick drift in the story yesterday, the same Leila ōfíçïãl through her Facebook profile came out and withdrew her words posted in the group LOVE STORIES claiming that her Facebook account had been hacked and she knows nothing about what was posted.

“Hello, guys am very sorry for what they posted in my account.

Someone entered my account I don’t know how but I even have no idea coz am soo confused am very sorry guys I didn’t even see what they posted coz my phone was stolen n I can’t post such things on my account am very sorry to those who were mentioned in the post am seriously have no idea on what they posted am very sorry 🙏🙏🙏🙏” she posted this while apologizing.
Our team managed to savor the screenshots for you and you can as well have a look at them below, keep with us and thanks for reading.

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