Exclusive! Uganda’s Covid-19 Taskforce resolves to extend lockdown, curfew for more 21 days

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Exclusive! Uganda’s Covid-19 Taskforce resolves to extend lockdown, curfew for more 21 days. The National COVID-19 Taskforce has today Monday resolved to extend the lockdown as an extra step to avert the spread of the virus and study the cases’ progress for the meantime.

The extension will assume total lockdown and night curfew for more 21 days (3 weeks) from the time it will be confirmed by the President.

The Taskforce which meets regularly resolved the extension in a meeting that took place today at State House Entebbe where they agreed to maintain the measures announced by President Museveni earlier on to curb new infections in Uganda.

Exclusive! Uganda’s Covid-19 Taskforce resolves to extend lockdown, curfew for more 21 days
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A trusted source that preferred anonymity revealed that the lockdown period was agreed in a meeting at State House which was attended by ministers and members of the COVID-19 national Taskforce.

However, according to Museveni’s Press Secretary Don Wanyama, the President is set to address the nation on Tuesday (14) April 2020 about the current status and the way forward.

“Please note that His Excellency the President will address the country tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday to guide on issues of Covid-19,” said PS Wanyama. Exclusive! Uganda’s Covid-19 Taskforce resolves to extend lockdown, curfew for more 21 days.

It is through this national address where the President is expected to air out the extra measures as they may have been resolved from the meeting.

The Taskforce meeting led by the President of the Republic of Uganda Y.K. Museveni was attended by Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda; Ministers Janet Museveni, Betty Amongi, Raphael Magezi, Elioda Tumwesigye, Benny Namugwanya, Peter Ogwang, Sam Kuteesa, Chris Baryomunsi, and Musa Ecweru were President was also briefed on the efforts aimed at averting the deadly virus including distribution of the relief food to the target vulnerable.

 “For clarity, the current lockdown ends tomorrow (Tuesday) midnight. It’s, therefore, advisable that you wait till the President makes an official announcement on the way forward before you move out and perhaps get restraining orders from LDUs.” Advised Don Wanyama.

The news for the lockdown extension is not so surprising as many Ugandans never believe that the President will set the nation free from curfew and lockdown depending on the statistics of the current cases.

The extension was also smelled yesterday after the MoH Uganda Permanent Secretary Dr. Diana Atwine tipped on the possibility of extending the lockdown period for some good weeks.

“It is still too early to conclude based on these numbers. Our strategy is to get all potential people infected including the truck drivers that cross in whom we are focusing on now. The next three weeks will determine the direction we take,” she tweeted.

However, on the side of Ugandans, the situation is quite worrying as hunger is serious hitting vulnerable communities and their only wish was to end the lockdown.

Further, the crisis is also affecting the security personnel in the process of enforcing the president’s directive. Similarly, as many cases of attack on security personnel have been witnessed in this period.

However, businesses, churches, instructions, and more ventures continue to suffer as a result of the measures put in place by the president but people can really understand it when they look at what is happening in Western and some neighboring countries.

By the time of writing Uganda holds at 54 cases, and 4 are said to have recovered and discharged from Entebbe Hospital where they have been getting treatment from.

In conclusion, the government continues to emphasize individuals to follow the measures put in place by the Ministry of Health to realize a flat curve of cases.

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