Exclusive! Kyambogo allocates 6.7bn to construct main gate, East-End pitch & fisher road

Kyambogo flagged off the construction of state-of-the-art - entrance gates at the West and East ends of the campus. The gates will comprise of the security office with toilets and a control room that will encamps systems for gate barriers - View 01. Details in the story below! Schematic Design of the gate by Oubuntu
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Summary: Kyambogo has allocated 6.7bn to construct main gate, East-End pitch, fisher road and to rehabilitated Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation as well as Central Stores. Details follows;

Kyambogo University one of the largest public universities in Uganda has started the new year in high gear with an allocation of Ugx 6.7bn to develop the University infrastructure in the year 2019-2020.

The University planned for capital projects for the fiscal year 2019-2020 amounting to Ugx 6,722,845,106 which would see the University’s Main Gate (West End), Eastern Gate, Eastern football pitch, fisher road, and Faculty of Special Needs as well as Central Stores rehabilitated and fully upgraded to a good standard.

In a project statement seen by Cyclone Times from the Office of the University Engineer, Kyambogo is currently taking on the rehabilitation and upgrading of the fisher road to a standard bituminous paved surface. The road is approximately 1.08km stretching from the Banda Eastern gate to the Main Gate – West End of the Campus via the University Medical center.

The 7m wide road will have some sections with dual carriage and others will be single carriage. It’s estimated to cost Uganda shillings 3.18 billion contracted by MUGA services Ltd. The end results of this work will see the Fisher Road with walkways, covered drains, open drains and street lights.

The construction Fisher Road in progress – courtesy photo

Kyambogo is again working tirelessly to have the East End pitch which also doubles as the University’s graduation square re-greened with the well improved drainage system.

The pitch has been in a very poor state of retaining water whenever it rains, a situation which has been affecting the University’s mega events like the annual graduation ceremonies, freshers’ ball, football matches and more.

“The works will involve levelling the pitch to attain standard gradients of the football pitch that allows for proper drainage. The pitch will contain a permeable layer on which approved grass will be planted. The project will include an athlete truck of 8 lanes with drainage systems.” The statement read in parts. This work was contracted by Amber Construction Company.

East End pitch levelling in progress – courtesy photo

In addition, Kyambogo also flagged off the construction of state-of-the-art entrance gates at the West and East ends of the campus. The gates will comprise of the security office with toilets and a control room that will encamps systems for gate barriers. This project which was contracted by Carl Investments Ltd is estimated to cost Uganda shillings 410m and projected to be finished in two months.

Proposed schematic design of the new Kyambogo gates (East and West) View 02 – Design Credit – Oubuntu

The accomplishment of this work will make the Banda based University one of the campuses with the best gates in Uganda. Kyambogo is a big University in Uganda but receiving its visitors through weird gates has always been a challenge giving a poor representation of the University image right at a glance.  The new developments are set to eradicate this barrier.

Proposed schematic design of the new Kyambogo gates (East and West) – View 03 – Design Credit – Oubuntu

Further, the University finally prioritized the renovation of the leaking Faculty of Special Needs, North of the campus. Kyambogo is prominently known as the only University which offers special needs education services under its Faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation (UNISE) in the all of Uganda. However, the Faculty has been in a sorry state for quite long with roof leakages, old paint, and cancerous asbestos sheets along the corridor which are more dangerous to the people with disabilities.

Surprisingly this year, Kyambogo has embarked on the improvement of the facility with a budget allocation of around Uganda shillings 180m. The renovation of the faculty is already ongoing and it has been confirmed that 50% of the work that is estimated to take 2 months is already done.

 The famous teacher training campus has also completed 95% of the re-roofing of the Central Stores situated towards the Faculty of Science West End of the University. The project involved the removal of asbestos sheets, fixing iron sheets, indoor painting and construction of splash apron on Ugx 94m approximated budget.

While several attacks from students and other visitors via social media about the University’s sanitation mostly on the toilets left the KYU’s public image in a worrying state, in late 2019, the University Estates and Works Department rushed to fix the Main building, East and west end libraries’ leaking toilets a move which resulted into a newly-like fresh toilets suitable to relieving the human natural demands.

All the ongoing projects’ contracts were signed between 13th March and 27th March 2020 and the works are projected to be completed in two months period from the time the contracts were signed.

According to the University Engineer, Mr. Kalule Patrick, the projects are expected to be completed by the end of May 2020. However, the lock down due to COVID has slowed works by the contractors.

Asked why Kyambogo is doing a lot of big things in a very short time, Mr. Kalule told Cyclone Times that there has been a slight change in the funding of the capital projects.  “The university increased the budget of the capital projects. In one way or the other you find that, because of that we are seeing a few of those changes. When I came in, I found the budget for these projects very low and I advised that they increase the budget.” he said.

Cautioning the Engineer about the University’s sanitation, he informed us that it has also been as a result of the small budget allocated to maintenance but he disclosed that in the forthcoming financial year the university increased the budget for maintenance and some changes are expected within that period.

However, he cited vandalization as the biggest challenge the university is facing in the area of sanitation saying that Kyambogo is exposed to all types of people who have done all it takes to vandalize all the consumable materials put in place like the taps.

Security within and outside the university is also another challenge which left many of the staff cars and other university resources stolen mostly in 2018 something he admits. However, he says in the year 2019, Kyambogo did not register theft cases because security was improved by installing cameras and they have identified designated areas where staff and other people are supposed to pack and security people were put in those places.

Kyambogo seems to be more geared to invest big in infrastructure development as the country witnessed the launch of over 4 AFDB mega buildings through the government of Uganda last year.

The phased construction of the mega Central Lecture Block (CLB), a project which is fully funded by the University and led by the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Eli Katunguka, the newly finished street lights comprised road stretching from Fisher Road to the New Library via peace park and the painting of almost 70% of the university blocks were all great achievements in the year 2019.

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