Exclusive Interview with Nambuya Sheila aka Sheyne Mali

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Exclusive Interview with Nambuya Sheila aka Sheyne Mali. In this article, we bring you an interview with one of the female artists in Uganda Nambuya Sheila. Get to know all the information about the beauty queen Sheyne Mali, however, you will get shocked to know this about Sheyne Mali.

Who is Nambuya Sheila?

I am Nambuya Sheila alias Sheyne Mali she is a solo artist. Sheyne Mali is a songwriter, singer, and Information management by profession from Uganda. I was born and raised in the Wakiso district. I went to Bethel Covenant School in Wakiso for my high school. I then joined Makerere University for my University Education where I graduated with a degree in Library and Information Science.

Exclusive Interview with  Nabuya Sheila aka Sheyne Mali
Sheyne Mali da dem sugar
How did Nambuya Sheila get inspired to join the music industry?

My mother inspired me to join the music industry because she believed in me so much. In fact, since my childhood, I always felt I had the talent in me.

What was your first song and what is the inspiration behind it?

My first song was Kumukutu. King Paul was behind the audio and KPM shot the video. My manager advised me to come up with a song I felt comfortable with. Therefore, I decided to choose that topic, however, it was not connected to anything I was going through at that time.

Does Sheyne Mali have any other projects apart from Kumukutu?

Definitely, yes. I have done a couple of projects throughout my music career. These include Tamilo, Painkiller, Bimpe, and many others.

Which female artist do you look up to in the Uganda music industry?

To be honest with you, I really love Sheeba Karungi. She is this lady you will never find in the media doing crazy stuff to promote herself. Sheeba respects herself and also gives others respect. Every time, I watch and listen to her music, I get so moved. In addition, Sheeba’s songs are very rich in content and they relate to actual life situations.

What challenges are you facing in the music industry?

This music industry is very expensive and very competitive. However, since am a solo artist, I face so many challenges.

Is Nambuya Sheila in a serious relationship at the moment?

OMG, wow this is a great question, however, I am currently single and not searching. In addition, I don’t like disclosing my private life in the media and right now I am focussing on my career. Exclusive Interview with Nambuya Sheila aka Sheyne Mali.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I Like doing makeup and also hairdressing to my clients.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Well, COVID-19 has affected all businesses across the world and it’s not only me. However, I no longer have a chance to go out and perform for my fans. Everything looks very different at the moment. No night clubs, no functions, no music concerts, therefore I no longer operate like I used to do. I missed making money on Easter and other events because of COVID-19.

What is your most annoying habit?

I hate it so much when someone blackmails me and also one fun saw me performing and asked me if am a night club dancer. I always dislike people who are not supportive at all.

What’s that one thing that people will remember about you?

I want the people of Uganda to remember me for my music and that is why I look up to releasing good music. This is because they will remember me all the time. I also want the people to remember me for helping the needy children through doing charity works.

Has Nambuya Sheila won any awards so far in her career?

I have not yet won any awards at the moment but I thank God I have always been in the lists of those nominated.

Does Nambuya Sheila have any other businesses apart from music?

I have some other businesses besides music. I have a saloon where I do my makeup and hairdressing activities.

Well, I now guess you have got all the information about Nabuya Sheila. I, therefore, call upon all of us to come on the ground and support her talent. Subscribe to her Youtube channel and hit on the bell icon not miss out on her recent projects. In addition, and her fans for always supporting her music.

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