Euro-vision: The Netherlands wins, as Madonna in hot water over Israeli and Palestinian flags

The Netherlands claims victory at the international music competition, with the UK coming last. sky news
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Bookies’ favorite The Netherlands has won Eurovision, as Madonna ends up in hot water with organizers after showing Israeli and Palestinian flags during her performance.

It has been 44 years since the country last won the international singing competition.

Represented by Duncan Laurence, The Netherlands with 492 points nudged into first place ahead of Italy, who had 465 points.

The UK’s Michael Rice came last with a total of 16 points, but he appeared to win over the hearts of many Brits watching at home, including presenter Piers Morgan who wrote on Twitter:

“Cheer up Michael Rice, we may have come last but we were still better than Madonna.”

Mahmood (center) of Italy came second

Many saw it as a Brexit-related snub, as it was the first time the UK came last since 2010.

Laurence’s stripped back performance of Arcade saw him play piano under a spotlight on an otherwise empty stage.

“To dreaming big,” Laurence said after his win was announced. “This is to music first,” he added.

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