Doves Reportedly shot Dead a few days after they failed to Fly

Doves Reportedly shot Dead, Mixed Reactions on social media

Religious leaders released doves to fly as a sign of peace for Uganda during this election period, but they were surprised to see the birds. This shocked many social media in-laws after they watched a whole video when these doves completely refused to fly.

These Religious leaders had a joint service at the Orthodox church to try to pray and preach peace in the nation. In addition as a sign of peace, therefore they released these doves in the air and they all fell on the ground… According to rumors on different social media platforms, this act simply means there is no peace in the country…

Hmm, there were voices heard from the video of different people giving reasons why they failed to fly… According to them, they said that the doves refused to fly because they felt comfortable staying around the people… However, another person said that they had tied them very hard that they could hardly fly.

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Religious leaders left in tears after the doves failed to fly

Well, this afternoon, a certain photo of the doves went viral on social media claiming that the doves had been shot… Here are the reactions from social media in-laws…

“I will comment later My neighbors chicken got lost instead of asking me he just went to the village, can someone tell my neighbor, that is not how they solve problems,” a social media in-law commented.

Aähmëd Mbügä: “They were about to spread covid. Police and army had to be deployed in the night, and now the doves have been executed. Kudos to Museveni and Muhoozi.”

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