Donald Trump’s UK state visit: Five things we learned

From his unexpected humbleness to his behaviour around the Queen, here are five things we learned from the US president's UK stay. sky news
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US President Donald Trump returned to the UK earlier this week for a full-blown state visit. Here are five things we learned from his three-day stay.

President Trump is a bombast showman. He revels in the spotlight and thrives on outrage.

But he seemed genuinely humbled in the presence of the Queen.

The Queen will be joined by Donald Trump at the D-Day commemorations
Image: The Queen was joined by Donald Trump at the Buckingham Palace state banquet

He’s made no secret of course about his penchant for pomp and pageantry. But this went deeper.

He was more attentive, dignified and disciplined than we’ve ever seen him. For once, it wasn’t all about Trump.

The mercurial president has the ability to whip up global indignation at the drop of a tweet.

Britain has been at the sharp end of that. He’s previously criticized Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, accused GCHQ of spying on his election campaign and described Muslim “no go zones” in London.

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