DJ Nimrod tells Weasel to style up & stay away from UG Dj’s

DJ Nimrod
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Dj Nimrod Nabeeta has warned Weasel Manizo to style up and stay away from Ugandan DJ’s. Dj nimrod said this after Weasel posted on his social media walls telling Ugandan DJs to go to Nigeria and ask for money from Nigerian artists.

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“Now it is the time for Ugandan DJs to go to Nigeria and ask for food because they are dying of hunger in their houses. In addition, they don’t want to play our music,” Weasel Manizo posted.

Weasel Manizo on DJ Nimrod
Weasel Manizo

However, in an interview with Kawalata aka Simo of BBS TV, DJ nimrod hit back at Weasel Manizo.

“I need to make this very clear to Weasel, I DJ Nimrod, I am not doing bad financially. In addition, Weasle has never ever given me anything and he is not among the people I can run to for any kind of help. Actually, Weasel should not put his frustration on Ugandan DJs.

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We all very well know how he has struggled in this music industry ever since the death of Radio,” DJ Nimrod said.

“To be honest, if I am to get any financial assistance from the Mayanja family, I don’t think Weasel can be in a position to help me. In fact, I will never ever think of getting money from Weasle. In addition, maybe other DJs can but for me never. His music has failed to hit therefore we as DJs care much about our audience. Also, as a DJ, I play music that makes people get crazy because our job is to entertain. Finally, I want to warn my brother Weasel Manizo to stay away from Uganda DJs,” DJ Nimrod added.

Who is DJ Nimrod Nabeeta?

DJ Nimrod

Nabeeta is a famous spin doctor/DJ from Uganda. He was born in 1987. The 33-year-old pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Makerere University. Nimrod is the brand promotions manager at Galaxy Fm.

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