Digida FM 106.5 collapses after 8 years

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In the wake of COVID-19 where companies are expected to struggle with the unfortunate shrinking economy,some companies have started collapsing.
It’s alleged that the Bukoto music local youth based station – Digida fm has been sold off to an unknown buyer whom we are yet to confirm with salaries arrears of a over a rune of 50 million shillings. Digida FM
The station owned by one Ssegawa Ronald Gyagenda (pictured), an Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Health has spent the last four years struggling with poor management of the station, and the series of the change workers.
Two years ago, he sold off Best FM to Capital FM Ltd and the presenters were treated in the similar manner of leaving jobs unnoticed and without being paid their arrears.
By the press time, we realised that the station’s frequency 106.5 FM had been temporarily given to the sister radio station Buddu in Masaka which has another frequency of 95.5 FM in Kampala. This has left their staff devastated, since no official confirmation rendered to them following the station’s closure and their demisal.
Cyclone Times also learnt that by the time the station was sold, workers had taken over seven months and others a full year without payment and workers were threatening not to vacate the station premises without their arrears being paid.
We visited the Bukoto based station and realised that the premises were already sieged by security operatives with directives of not allowing anyone to  access them. However, we later learnt that even the radio property had already been transfered to an unknown location.
It is allegedly said that Mr. Ssegawa is also preparing to sell off the 95.5 frequency and stay with Buddu FM on the Digida previous frequency.

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