Cyclone Times Uganda joins the rest of the world to fight Covid-19

Cyclone times Uganda

Cyclone Times Uganda has this afternoon joined the rest of the world to fight coronavirus. In a meeting held at our offices in banda, Kampala Uganda, we suggested the following to help the public. In addition, to help our people keep safe and alive from the Covid-19 virus.

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  • Cyclone Times Uganda will be putting up various campaigns to sensitize the public. In addition, sensitizing them about the methods of avoiding or reducing the spread of this covid-19 virus.
  • We call upon all businesses, Companies, and organizations to join the race to sensitize the public through our platforms free of charge. Therefore we have removed charges on all advertisements on our platforms for a period of one month.
  • We as Cyclone Times also urge the public to be so vigilant about the entire situation in the country.

“We shall be allowing all advertisers to pass on their communications to the public for free during this trying time. Companies, organizations, and individuals will send their heartfelt messages to [email protected]. In addition, you can get in touch with us through mobile on +256 775427530, +256 701085038, +256 708334539. However, our chief editors will review these emails sent in before publishing them out to our audience,” Dhikusooka Brian said.

Fortebet Uganda
Dhikusooka Brian Cyclone Times Uganda
Dhikusooka Brian Digital Marketer Cyclone Times Uganda

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“Cyclone Times Uganda will use different measures to make sure the audience is equipped with the right information about covid-19. We shall also make sure we engage with our audience about the different ways how we can help the government to overcome this pandemic in Uganda,” Namwanja Peter said.

Cyclone Times Uganda
Namwanja Peter Chief Editor Cyclone Times Uganda

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Am Dhikusooka Brian a web app developer and an SEO Specialist at Interlet Limited. I am a writer at Cyclone Times Uganda and I love doing research so much. CONTACT ME ON +256701085038 OR +256775427530

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