CRDB Bank appoints Harmonize as the new brand ambassador

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CRDB Bank in Tanzania appoints Harmonize as the new brand ambassador

Konde Music Entertainment CEO Harmonize aka Rajab Abdul Kahali is enjoying life on lockdown like never before. In addition, Harmonize has been appointed as the new brand ambassador for CRDB Bank in Tanzania. Rajab Abdul Kahali just bought a million-dollar mansion which he made the headquarters for Konde Music Entertainment or Konde Music Gang. He also went ahead to sign Ibraah as his very first artist under Konde Music Entertainment.

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Ibraah too did not disappoint as he released visuals of his new song Nimekubali under Konde Music Gang. Harmonize received the ambassadorial deal for CRDB Bank during a press conference which took place in Dar es Salaam. In addition, it was also live-streamed on the Harmonize’s Official Youtube channel.


“I’m proud of myself as Harmonize as Brand Ambassador for CRDB Bank,” said an excited Harmonize.

Zari Hassan sent this statement to one of her fans – OMG!!!

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Harmonize Manager Jembe is Jembe said “EMBO A SAVE YOU!” ET New Brand Ambassador for CRDB BANK @crdbbankplc @crdbbankplc Thank you God …. I know its you GOD MUCH LOVE TO ALL OUR FANS AND SUPPORTERS, BEAUTIFUL MONEY.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL … ✔✅✅ So proud of you Konde K..Keep rocking my Boy, Sky is not even a limit..💪 Let’s go.CRDB ✅✅ #popoteinatiki ”.

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