COVID-19 UPDATES – 6 mourners die of COVID-19


Six people in South Carolina, US, have passed on after contracting COVID-19 from a funeral service. According to reports, Robbie Baker is the suspected person who was infected but did not have an idea. Therefore, he spread the virus to more than the six deceased people.

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However, he claims the person probably coughed on top of the casket or he had any physical contact with other mourners. In addition, the deceased were African Americans and were all above 60 years. Therefore, they were at a very high risk of contracting the virus according to their age bracket.

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How did they contract the COVID-19 virus?

Reports suggest that they went to the ceremony way back at the beginning of March before America ordered Citizens to stay away from mass gatherings. Therefore, the coronavirus patient was one of the attendees however, he did not know he was infected. In addition, putting the lives of all the people who attended at risk. He is said to have coughed on the coffin and also came into contact with the other six mourners and probably even more mourners. Therefore, all other mourners were advised to keep in self-quarantine in order to avoid further spreading of the virus.

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