Covid-19 update: use soap if Sanitizers are expensive – Museveni

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President Museveni has given the Covid-19 latest update in Uganda. This comes after the Ministry of Health yesterday confirmed new 8 cases of Covid-19 or Coronavirus. In addition, this increased the case to 9 victims with Coronavirus in Uganda.

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“I strongly pass on a tough warning to the business hiking the prices of the food. Those people hiking the prices of food are Crookes. We shall cancel their licences and they will never ever trade in Uganda. This is because Uganda is one of the countries that have a lot of food,” Museveni said.

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“I also call upon Industry managers to help and put in place cycles. This is because cycles help to minimise the spread of this Covid-19 virus. I, therefore, want to say that I will not ban public transport at the moment. However, we are studying the situation and if it worsens, we shall have to suspend public transport.

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“This virus is avoidable and we can be able to contain the situation. So, I call upon the public to follow the credentials issued out by the medical personnel. Always wash your hands because they normally infect us through the soft parts of the body. In addition, for instance, the nose, the mouth and the eyes.

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