Court to give judgement in Abdullah Kitatta case next week

The General Court Martial has set May 13, 2019 for judgement in the case against Boda-Boda 2010’s patron Abdullah Kitatta and 9 others accused of unlawful possession of firearms, ammunition and military attire. nile post
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The Chairman of GCM Lt . Gen Andrew Gutti to Kitatta set the date after the Judge Advocate Col Richard Tukacungura summed up all evidence from both prosecution and defense in the case to the 7 member court.

The evidence involved testimonies from 4 prosecution and 11 defence witnesses.

According to Col Tukacungura, the court should put in their mind the relevant sections of the Firearms and Ammunitions Act before they determine whether Kitatta and the group are guilty or not .

The judge advocate advised that the court can only convict the accused based on evidence brought to court and not the weakness of the defense case.

Col Tukacungura said, “The duty of this court is to analyse all the evidence from prosecution and accused as a whole before reaching the final verdict.”

kitata with his lawyer during a court session

Among issues to resolve will be whether the ten accused persons were evidently found in possession of the firearms and ammunition in question.

Two; whether or not the accused persons had no valid license of the said firearms or ammunition in question

Three; whether Ngobi Sowali one of the accused persons who was a police officer had matching orders permitting him to move with the SMG rifle and two pistols which he was found with.

A February 2018 joint security clamp down on criminals between Uganda Police Force and the army landed Kitatta and his co-suspects in trouble when CMI operatives arrested him in January 2018 at Vine-Tea Hotel in Wakaliga allegedly in possession of a golden pistol and an SMG gun machine with live ammunitions.

The group will now return to court next week on Monday, May 13, to hear a guilty or not guilty verdict.

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