City Drumboy pours out his love for singer Winnie Nwagi

Producer City drumboy and Winnie Nwagi
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Producer City Drumboy has declared his feelings for the bootylicious popular singer Winnie Nwangi. City Drumboy says he has too much love for Winnie and thus he went on to promise her heaven on earth.

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“I spend sleepless nights because of Winnie Nwagi. In fact, I love her so much from the bottom of my heart. In addition, every time I get to the studio, I lose my focus and start imagining how my life would be with Winnie. She is such a caring and loving woman,” City Drumboy said.

Briefly, who is City Drumboy?

City Drumboy biography

City Drumboy also is known as Clementino Lyon is a Ugandan Young Sound Engineer & Music Producer, Actor & Choreographer, Performing Artist & a Businessman. Born in December 1996 in Kyadondo Wakiso, City grew up loving music and sounds and had joined Sunday school as young as eight.

At the age of 12, having taught himself how to play the piano, he went on playing keys for his networks at school and for his family whenever there was a family occasion.

In 2014, he decided to fully follow his passion by venturing into commercial music production. He, therefore, viciously went on learning how to use the Digital Audio Workstation [DAW]. In addition, and acquainted himself with the hardware in production.

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In 2015-2017, he had managed to interact, share music production knowledge. However, and work with some of the prominent local Ugandan producers like Daddy Andre, Washington, Renix Pattern, Nessim Pan Production, Eli Arkhis Music, Artin Pro, Wani Production, Kussein Knots, Eno Beatz, Herbert Skills, Producer Ronnie, The Late Danz Kumapeesa, Sir Dan Magic, T.O.N, Brian Beats and many more.

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