Chipper partners with AS Roma to drive impact in Africa

AS Roma has signed a partnership with Chipper to become the club’s official money Transfer Platform for Africa. Therefore this becomes AS Roma’s first commercial partnership in Africa and this is intended at advancing football all over the African continent. However, this partnership will create a strong community impact between AS Roma and Chipper. These two, therefore, are going to make footballs that are made in Africa and also will last longer than the standard synthetic ball.


Disadvantaged communities in Africa for example in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa will receive these balls.

The Commercial Director at AS Roma Giorgio Brambilla said he is delighted to welcome Chipper into the family of Roma. He also added that Chipper’s future plans are hugely ambitious. In addition, and also Chipper impressed him by their achievement in a very short period of time with their financial solutions and technology.

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According to a credible source, Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled who are great African entrepreneurs founded Chipper. However, at the moment, they now work with a global workforce, with well experienced staff in 7 countries around the continent.

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In conclusion, Chipper’s major role is to provide financial services. In addition, that allow users to transfer their money freely at their homes, across Africa and the entire world.

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