Charles Peter Mayiga launches COVID-19 masks for Buganda Kingdom

Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga
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The Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has today the 2nd of June launched COVID-19 masks for the Buganda Kingdom. In addition, these will help to protect Kabaka’s people from contracting the deadly coronavirus. Meanwhile, these masks will cost UGX 2000 to ensure that all people can afford them and save their lives.

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These masks are going to manufactured an appropriate manner that will be provided to the clans and other organs in the Kingdom.

Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga
Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga during the launch of the COVID-19 masks for Buganda Kingdom

When he was launching this cancer, Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga has requested the king’s people to continue to protect corona. This is because taking Buganda to go back to the top will require having living people.

Briefly, who is Charles Peter Mayiga?

Peter Mayiga is a cultural leader, author, and Ugandan lawyer. In addition, Peter is the current Prime Minister in the Buganda Kingdom, which is a constitutional monarchy in present-day Uganda.


His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda appointed Charles Peter Mayiga as Katikiiro in May of 2013. In addition, to replace Engineer John Baptist Walusimbi. Mayiga was born in Kasenje village to Ssaalongo Cyprian Mukasa and Nnaalongo Rebecca Kyese Mukasa, Kabonera parish, in Masaka district, which is in Central Uganda.

COVID-19 masks for Buganda Kingdom
COVID-19 masks for the Buganda Kingdom

Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga went to Butale Primary School and Nkoni Primary School for his primary education. He then attended St. Henry’s College Kitovu for his O-Level education before he joined St. Mary’s College Kisubi for his A-Level. According to a trusted source of information, Mayiga holds a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and best public University. Details to follow…

We as Cyclone Times continue to urge the people of Buganda and Uganda at large to remain vigilant about coronavirus. In addition, we urge you to follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health in order to keep safe. Therefore always wash your hands with hand sanitizers or soap and don’t forget to keep a social distance… Finally, avoid touching the soft parts of your body, for example, the eyes, nose, and mouth…

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