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An apology to my husband’s ex-wife, in 13 parts

By Maggie Haukka I had an affair with your husband, to whom I am now married, and I am so, so sorry. If there is one decision in my life I could undo, it would be this. Because of what it did to you, because of what it’s done to me, and because it was […]

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The stranger I met in a Taxi – Part 1

It was threatening to rain by the time i left my work place and headed to the old taxi park to board back home. It surprised me finding a long queue of people all waiting for the same taxis heading to Bweyogere -Mukono and so forth. I was feeling exhausted so I pushed myself through […]

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Campus News

LYN’S SILENT FEELINGS FINAL EPISODE, I Took two days to recollect myself and finally, on one quiet evening I decided to go visit Jack. I packed some few cloths  of mine and boarded  off to Mityana where he stayed. I reached at around 7:30 pm and found no one home. I decided to call him […]

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LYN’S SILENT FEELINGS PART 5 This time around, I wasn’t dreaming. I kissed him back and even held him closer. Before I realized, he was already inside me, driving me hard than I had ever been driven. this had even never happened in my sitting room, I screamed and he pressed his left hand onto […]

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LYN’S SILENT FEELINGS PART 4 I dressed in a short black Patra and a crop top, and after tied an “ilesu” around me, making sure it was not tight enough on me. My heart skipped a little bit the moment he knocked on my door. “come on in” I said and guess who walked in. […]

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LYN’S SILENT FEELING part 3 (Rated PG) “Your the most beautiful woman on planet earth, Lynn”, David said. I just don’t know how I had come to learn his name. I was well laid strongly and securely in his arms. He held me so close that I never felt like parting away from him. I […]

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Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 2

Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 2 He was wondering what kind of human being would play such loud slow music on a weekend when people were still resting the week’s stress off. this was the right chance I had to use to make him recognize me, I grabbed my tooth brush, a cup of boiled water […]

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LYN’s Silent Feelings part 1

LYN’S SILENT FEELINGs part 1, After one and a half years of my stay at Mama Nankya’s rentals, we received word that a new neighbor would be moving in. Most of the other neighbors were either married or close to married. However, from the looks of it, this new neighbor was a single. The night […]

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Negotiations Continue Over Zuma: Will He Go Now or Now-Now?

By Agency  That’s how a South African weekly over the weekend summarized the uncertainty surrounding President Jacob Zuma’s fate as the nation’s leader. Yes, he’ll almost certainly step down, but not right now. Instead, it’ll be sometime in the near future, or, to use a quintessential South African expression, “now-now.” Negotiations between Mr. Zuma and his deputy and […]

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