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Men to women: we want more than the mini-skirt

Obviously, the reverse is true and the gals might want to pay attention to what we too actually expect. The pretty eyes, perfect nose, sexy lips, long legs and a body shaped like a Coke bottle can take you places, but only so far. Often, women flaunt their God-given gifts like that’s all that matters. […]

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Life style
My wife hates, abuses my family members

Dear Heart to Heart, My wife and I have been married for eight years and have a six-year-old daughter. She is also not social and neither wants to visit any of my relatives. To make matters worse, she does not want any person to visit our home. This is starting to affect our marriage and […]

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Love has a way of testing each player’s intentions

Time and time again, our faith in love has been tested. We have embraced love so tight and promised never to let it go but when the people in the game turned the sword, we swore never to love again. Many people are disguising themselves as ambassadors of love and yet all they represent is […]

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5 Ways to promote your children’s literacy in 2019

Teaching a child to appreciate reading not only promotes academic achievement, but it also opens opportunities for the imagination to soar and for kids to learn about topics beyond their wildest dreams. Give books to children. You can find a book on virtually any topic, aimed at nearly every age and reading level. If you’re not […]

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Your vagina will thank you for eating these foods!

Women struggle with Vaginal health at some point in their life and statistics show that at least 75% of women get at least one yeast infection during their lifetime. Below is a list of some common foods that will help you strengthen and preserve your vaginal health: Natural yogurt and other probiotics Probiotics (good bacteria) […]

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4 Easy ways to get a Hot Guy’s number

According to relationship expert Matthew Hussey, this is a super common situation. The British television personality, human dynamics coach, and New York Times Bestselling author says there are four simple ways to get a guy’s number. #1 – The Classic “Napkin Trick” It’s not really a trick, it’s more of just a maneuver. We imagine the […]

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Life style
5 fundamental steps to a fruitful marriage

1. WHY do you want to get married? Interrogate your reasons, your motive. Is it because you want to love and be loved the long term? To raise a family? To raise a God-loving family? For companionship? Or is it because society is forcing you? It’s the next phase after University/ College and works? Do you […]

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Tour operators warned against acting unprofessionally

Speaking during an engagement with tourism business stakeholders in greater Kigezi region, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) board chairman, Everest Kayondo emphasized the need to conduct business with the greatest level of integrity and professionalism if both the tour operators and the country are to benefit. “If you want to grow as a […]

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Signs you are the side, not main chick/guy

Facebook is an interesting platform where you can do all- shopping, gossiping, slaying business, dating and borderline pass-time among many. The other day as I was scrolling looking for jokes as I was having a particularly long day …I came across a post on one of the many pages I follow. He sends upkeep once […]

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