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Jennifer Lopez: I want to have more kids

Jennifer Lopez needs to have youngsters with Alex Rodriguez. The 50-year-old pop star as of now has 11-year-old twins Max and Emme with her ex Marc Anthony, however, she couldn’t imagine anything better than to add more to her brood later on and is “open” to attempting to consider with her 44-year-old life partner. Addressing […]

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Life style
Men; it’s clean to oil your balls and this is the reason

Men; it’s clean to oil your balls and this is the reason. How about we talk about you all’s balls, will we? When was the last time you oiled your balls? Truly, you heard that right. I am discussing men and their balls. When it comes to prepping, men are actually the weakest connection. Therefore, […]

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Life style
How to Get Out of a Stressful Relationship Step by step

You will learn how to Get Out of a Stressful Relationship Step by step in this article. Kindly share this article with your loved ones You’re probably going to have been educated since the beginning that one of the most significant things you will do in life is to locate the correct accomplice. Somebody you […]

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Life style
How to make a girl miss you like crazy

In this article, you will discover many techniques and procedures on how to make a girl miss you. With some constancy, insightfulness, and devotion, she will be snared and she will without a doubt miss you when you are not around her. You will nearly feel like a medication or a treat that she pines […]

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Anti-Homosexuality Act to be re-introduced in Uganda

The Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) popularly known as “Kill the Gays Bill” on Thursday is proposed to be re-introduced by the national’s law-makers eyeing to impose the death penalty for LGBTI people and also focusing on the clampdown Non-government Organizations that fight for their Human Rights. At the end of August, the Ethics and Integrity Minister, Fr […]

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Life style
10 facts about a man and his penis

10 facts about a man and his penis. What is happening to the men’s penises? Why are women complaining that their husbands are not satisfying them in bed? 1. PAST RIDICULE BY MENGrown boys are not mature enough to be called men, by attacking a fellow man’s penis. They focus more on a fellow man’s […]

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Under My Umbrella episode 1: cyclone times stories

cycyclone times brings you Under my Umbrella episode 1 by lynn lynn. Kindly read and share with your friends. At just 18, she was that beautiful girl that her mother always referred to as her little princess. Naome was a slightly tall half white,half black girl with small eyes that matched with her tiny round […]

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Meet MC Kuls-another hot MC and Model around Kampala.

Briefly describe yourself I am Mc Kuls aka Kuloba Julius Wamoto. I am a Ugandan by nationality and mugisu by the tribe. My profession is emceeing and modeling currently living in Kampala, Banda suburb although my hometown is Tororo. How old are you? I am 20 years old. When did you begin emceeing and modeling? […]

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Life style
Why Families and Marriages break up and struggle

Marriages are not focused on, they only look at weddings in our communities. Never mind more on ceremonies but short on substance. 2. In community, people do gossip and talk more about people who messed up marriages and celebrate little of the marriages that are thriving. When we pay more attention to negativity, negativity becomes […]

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Beautiful Venge Episode 5-Cyclone times stories

Cyclone times website brings you the Beautiful Venge Episode 5 proudly powered by Lynn Lynn. Like and share these stories with your friends. We hugged, the moment he saw me. It was a long passionate hug. Mama Theresa blind folded Richard, saying he was too young to see us hugging for that long. He then […]

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