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Pope Emeritus virtually burries his elder brother - PHOTOS
Pope Emeritus virtually buries his elder brother – PHOTOS

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger the elder brother of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (93) has today 8th July 2020 been laid to rest in Regensburg-Germany. In a funeral rite mass at Regensburg Cathedral led by the Bishop Rudolf Volderholzer of Regensburg Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was connected via streaming and he virtually followed the funeral of his […]

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Georg Ratzinger
Georg Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus’ elder brother dies at 96

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger the elder brother of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) Pope emeritus was today (Wednesday) morning 1st-July-2020 been confirmed dead. In addition, a day after making 69 years in the priesthood. The man of God had however been hospitalized in Regensburg in Bavaria where he lived with his brother Pope Benedict XVI for […]

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George Floyd
Police Brutality victim George Floyd was a p00n3tar – HOT VIDEO

Police Brutality victim George Floyd was a p00n3tar – FULL VIDEO AND PHOTOS BREAKING NEWS – Police brutality victim George Floyd’s job has been revealed. News reaching our news desk confirms that Floyd was an actor in an adult film industry. In addition, George Floyd was brutally murdered by a white police officer called Derek […]

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Twitter quietly deletes millions of SMS-created accounts, a drop in followers

Summary: Some Twitter users with a large following may notice a drop in followers as high as 10 percent due to the deletion of the SMS-created accounts.  It’s the end of the SMS era for Twitter and its users as the American social media giant erases this kind security threat technology. The reports emerged on […]

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Exclusive! Uganda’s Covid-19 Taskforce resolves to extend lockdown, curfew for more 21 days

Exclusive! Uganda’s Covid-19 Taskforce resolves to extend lockdown, curfew for more 21 days. The National COVID-19 Taskforce has today Monday resolved to extend the lockdown as an extra step to avert the spread of the virus and study the cases’ progress for the meantime. The extension will assume total lockdown and night curfew for more […]

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Opposition offers food to needy despite Museveni ban

Opposition offers food to needy despite the Museveni ban. Different Opposition leaders have disregarded President Museveni’s order and kept on conveying help nourishment to poor occupants in their bodies electorate. President Museveni, during his location to the country a week ago, prohibited lawmakers who were dispersing nourishment to powerless individuals and pledged to have them […]

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Makerere University develops low-cost ventilator to avert Covid-19 pandemic

Makerere University in collaboration with Resilient Africa Network (RAN), Kiira Motors Corporation and Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in a project of the School of Public Health is working to produce an open design low-cost ventilator to support the Ugandan health sector in the struggle to avert covid-19 pandemic. The initiative comes after Makerere […]

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Kirinya Police Officers allegedly deserts station over COVID-19 suspect

Wakiso – Officers at Kirinya Police station Bweyogerere,Wakiso District allegedly deserted the police station after a man suspected to be having coronavirus ran to the station seeking for help. The incident happened yesterday at around 4pm . The man who had severe cough and flue allegedly said that his girlfriend recently returned from Dubai and […]

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President Museveni: Mass testing is costly, negligible

President Museveni Mass testing is costly, negligible. President Museveni on Tuesday repelled testing all the 42 million Ugandans for coronavirus saying it’s costly and good for nothing. The President who said the expense of each test is $65 included it would mean $2730 million would be required to test all Ugandans. “Mass testing is over […]

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Coronavirus update: Uganda’s cases rise to 18 as four tested positive

Coronavirus update: It is worrying for Ugandans ever since the reporting of the first Covid-19 case in the country. On Friday morning President Museveni confirmed four new cases of Covid-19 bringing the total to 18. President Museveni has confirmed bad news on his Twitter handle and Facebook page. ALSO, SEE Corona-virus free mp3 download (Official […]

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