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Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes

APIA, Jun 11 – Samoa has banned the blockbuster Elton John biopic “Rocketman” from cinemas over depictions of gay sex, which remains illegal in the Pacific island nation. Niuapu told the Samoa Observer that the movie “violates laws against same-sex marriage and doesn’t go well with cultural and Christian beliefs here”. “It’s a good story, in […]

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Hundreds of North Korean ‘execution sites’ identified, human rights group says

A human rights group claims to have identified 323 public execution sites in North Korea where the state has carried out its aggressive use of the death penalty.  The report by the Seoul-based Transitional Justice Working Group also documented 25 sites where bodies were allegedly disposed of and a number of locations said to hold […]

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LGBT lesson row: School staff have counselling over ‘homophobic’ protests in Birmingham

The headteacher of a primary school that teaches LGBT equality has told Sky News that staff has received counseling because of “homophobic” protesters who have accused the school of turning children gay. Demonstrations have been taking place for weeks outside Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham by people who say lessons at the Sparkhill school […]

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Donald Trump’s UK state visit: Five things we learned

US President Donald Trump returned to the UK earlier this week for a full-blown state visit. Here are five things we learned from his three-day stay. President Trump is a bombast showman. He revels in the spotlight and thrives on outrage. But he seemed genuinely humbled in the presence of the Queen. Image: The Queen was […]

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President Kenyatta holds talks with Canadian, Ghanaian leaders

VANCOUVER, Canada, Jun 4 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has held talks with his host Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ghanaian President Nana Akufo Addo. The meeting held on May 22, 2018, resulted in the Nairobi call-to-action, a comprehensive road map with clear action points to be undertaken towards the empowerment of women and girls in […]

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Five countries where men put on skirts

The picture of Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama after he landed in Nairobi for the United Nations Conference on Tuesday 29 May had Kenyans on Twitter talking. Men wearing skirts started way back before women began putting them on. The piece of cloth around the man’s waist has been there for centuries and it’s a […]

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Arab, Muslim leaders gather in Mecca for Iran-focused summits

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, May 30 – Arab and Muslim leaders began gathering in the holy city of Mecca on Thursday for three summits, as host, Saudi Arabia seeks to rally support against Iran after a series of attacks that have sparked fears of a regional conflagration. That call came just hours after hawkish US National Security […]

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Revealed: The worst UK airports for flight delays

London Stansted was the worst airport for flight delays in the UK last year, new figures show. Figures from the Civil Aviation Authority show departures from the Essex airport, the fourth busiest in the country, were 25 minutes late on average. Stansted is a hub for several low-cost Eastern European airlines as well as Ryanair. […]

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Japanese man dies on plane after swallowing 246 cocaine packets

A Japanese man died on a plane after swallowing almost 250 packets of cocaine. The suspected drug mule went into cardiac arrest from the drug overdose shortly after take-off in the early hours of Friday. Passengers on board reported seeing the man convulsing. The Aeromexico flight, which had taken off from Mexico City in Mexico […]

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Last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia dies after efforts to save species

The last male Sumatran rhinoceros in Malaysia has died, as conservationists warn the news should be a “wake-up call” to protect wildlife. The critically-endangered Sumatran rhino, which is the smallest species of rhinoceros, was declared extinct in the wild in Malaysia in 2015. Experts estimate only 30 to 80 Sumatran rhinos are left in the […]

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