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Obutemu, okubuzaawo abantu: Omuyizi we Makerere asimatukidde watono

  Omuyizi wa Education yagudde mu batemu kulunnaku olw’omukaaga oluwedde mu Makerere era nakubibwa bubi nnyo. Omuyizi ono amannya agasirikiddwa agamba yabadde ava mu kusoomako nebayizi banne (discussion) ssaawa ssatu ez’ekiro nga dda gyasula we yagwiridde mu battemu ababuzeko akatono okumumiza omusu. Abazigu bano okutuusa Ku muyizi obuzibu bamusanga ku Guild Canteen. “Bano baali abasajja […]

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Kidnap again: Girl abducted outside church to unknown destination

A Palm Sunday morning in Banda, Kyambogo has turned into a nightmare for a mother after sudden disappearance of her 7-year old daughter. This came after a unidentified people abducted Lilian Ndyanonyi who was walking to church for palm Sunday with her friends.     Cyclone Times has learnt according to eye witnesses that Lilian […]

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US police shot man 20 times in his back yard, thinking he had a gun; All he was holding was a cellphone

US police say they saw an object in Stephan Clark’s hand before firing 20 bullets that killed him in his own yard on Sunday (March 18) night in Sacramento. The two officers were responding to a 911 call about a man breaking vehicle windows, and encountered Clark, 22. They believed he was holding a gun. […]

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Mowzey Radio ‘killer’ sent back to prison

Deceased music icon, Moses Sekibogo, aka Mowzey Radio’s mother Jane Kasubo this morning braved the heavy downpour to appear at Entebbe Magistrate’s court where the main suspect in her son’s killing had appeared for hearing of a murder case against him. Accompanied by relatives and fellow musicians of the deceased, Ms Kasubo was disappointed when […]

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Katikkiro w’ebyobuwangwa n’ennono mu bwakabaka Bwabuganda Ow’ekitiibwa Ggaliwango AbdulNoor alagidde okyokuwandiisa abasawo b’ekinnansi ekikolebwe naddala mussaza lye Buddu kuyimirire kuba kuleese obutakkaanya mu basawo ekintu ekyonoona ennyo eby’obuwangwa, Okwogera bino asinzidde mulukungaana lw’abasawo b’ekinansi abayitiddwa omukungu Lutaaya Vicent Kimbowa atwala eby’obuwangwa n’ennono mussaza ly’ebuddu okumalawo obukuubagano obuli mu basawo nga kwossa n’okutema empenda ez’okweteekerateekera omutanda […]

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Disaster in Mbarara as hotel collapses, many feared dead after heavy downpour

MBARARA – The western Uganda town of Mbarara town woke up to shock on Thursday morning when a building under construction at Rwizi Arch Hotel collapsed following heavy downpour leading to a disaster at the hotel with guests affected.   The police spent the rest of Wednesday night in rescue efforts as more than 20 people including guests are feared […]

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Speeding Benz Kills Suzan Magara’s cousin, NWSC Engineer

Maureen Kobusingye, a cousin to the recently murdered Suzan Magara and an engineer at National Water and Sewerage Cooperation- NWSC was yesterday knocked dead by a speeding car. Kobusingye was knocked on her way home in Ntinda by speediny Mercedes Benz registration Number UAQ 442V. The Mercedes Benz driver took off after the tragic incident […]

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Gen Kale Kayihura hands over highly indebted police.

Former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura on Thursday morning handed over the top office in the force to his successor Mr John Martins Okoth-Ochola. Kayihura has praised President Yoweri Museveni the “Commender in Chief” for letting him serve the force as boss for 12 years than any officer. President Museveni, on March 4 […]

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Parliament to Shut Down as Natasha Museveni Shoots Movie, Public Warned of Gunshot Sounds
Parliament to Shut Down as Natasha Museveni Shoots Movie, Public Warned of Gunshot Sounds

Ugandan Parliament has come to inform the public not to panic when they hear gunshots around the precincts of and inside the Parliamentary building in the coming days. The alert was issued by the Parliament Director Communication and Public Relations, Chris Obore, who revealed that this will all be part of an ongoing film production. […]

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14 suspects escape from Jail in Kyotera

Police Flying Squad are hunting for 14 suspects who escaped from a cell at Kyotera Police Station. According to the Deputy Regional Police spokesman, Mr Lameck Kigozi, the suspects escaped by digging through the wall of the police station on Wednesday night. The suspects were arrested between February and March this year but had not been taken […]

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