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Dianah Nabatanzi
4 hot reasons why Dianah Nabatanzi inspires me

In this article, I will share with you my view and my story of why every youth should follow Dianah Nabatanzi. Dianah inspired me to do some of the things I will be sharing with you in this article. It was one day when I turned on my Television set because I was so bored […]

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Life style
Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020
Richest musicians in Uganda in 2020 FULL updated list

We’ve chosen to present to you Uganda’s rundown of the top 10 most extravagant artists in Uganda. In addition, who as of now shakes the Ugandan music industry. In the interim, the rundown is precisely in accordance with Forbes’ positioning. So for those inquiring. However, with importance to the notoriety of Forbes as the greatest […]

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Covid-19: UTB advises tour guides to provide sanitizers

Covid-19: UTB advises tour guides to provide sanitizers. The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has exhorted all visit administrators and travel organizations to give hand-washing offices on all movement vehicles and vessels so as to contain the savage coronavirus. Therefore, the fatal coronavirus that began in the Wuhan city of China. It has since spread to […]

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Africa’s mountain gorillas at risk from COVID-19

Africa’s mountain gorillas at risk from COVID-19. As the coronavirus taints more individuals around the globe, protectionists are cautioning of the hazard to another powerless species: Africa’s imperiled mountain gorilla. Congo’s Virunga National Park, home to about 33% of the world’s mountain gorillas, is notwithstanding guests until June 1, referring to “exhortation from logical specialists […]

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how to live as a single man
How to live as a single man without stressing

In this article, I will share with you a few ways how to live as a single man. However, this is not only because I am single but also because I want to inspire a few to remain in their lane. I have over the years been single and I have surely found quite a […]

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Valentine: Letter to my distant sweetheart

Valentine: Letter to my distant sweetheart. It’s been a couple of months now since the last time I saw you yet I despite everything recall the exact instant that I realized I needed to spend a mind-blowing remainder with you. However, it was really a Friday like this one and I was sitting someplace in […]

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Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool buys brand new cars for his managers

Moses Ssali alias Bebe has gifted his two managers with brand new cars a Mercedes Benz and a Mark X respectively as a sign of appreciation for their good work done. Bebe cool on Sunday evening addressed the media on how employers should learn how to appreciate their employees. However, he advised the employees to […]

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Namwanja Peter
Happy Birthday to our own Namwanja Peter

With a person so dynamic, so versatile, life seems to be so much fun. It feels like heaven to be your best friend. I truly love your way of caring and loving. You are always there when I need you. Namwanja Peter, You never say ‘ I told you so’ when I do not listen […]

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Why girls like tall guys in Uganda: You will be shocked!

Not all young ladies like tall folks but rather most incline toward them. That is why we bring you reasons Why girls like tall guys in Uganda. A few young ladies would state they care less about a person’s stature, yet once in a while, they express this to make the short folks feel increased […]

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Mistakes people make while making a cup of tea

A decent cup of tea, it doesn’t beat that! The English are known for being the greatest tea consumers on the planet and we have nearly consummated this system throughout the years. There are different choices accessible, homegrown teas, Earl Gray… But there are a few errors that you ought to stay away from when […]

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