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Search Engine Optimization: Why WordPress is the best CMS for SEO

In this article, we show you why WordPress is the best Content Management System for Search Engine Optimization. Since its discharge in 2003, WordPress has grown constantly. Truth be told, it currently controls 34% of the web. WordPress 5.3 (discharged on November 12, 2019) has just had 8,088, 611 downloads! So what are the explanations […]

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MySQL wins best DBMS award for the year 2019

MySQL is the database management system that increased greater notoriety in our DB-Engines Ranking inside the most recent year than any of the other 350 checked frameworks. We consequently proclaim MySQL as the Database Management System (DBMS) of the Year 2019. For deciding the DBMS of the year, we subtracted the prominence scores of January […]

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Department of Computer Science Kyambogo University scores Varsity’s best first-class degrees

The Department of Computer Science of Kyambogo University has led the Varsity’s 16th Graduation with the best First-Class degrees. The department which runs 3 computing programmes has presented 3 overall best students from two-degree courses. The overall best performing male student is Kasaazi George William, Bachelor of Information Technology and Computing – BITC with CGPA […]

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Kyambogo university 16th graduation 2019: St.Bernard’s Mannya former student emerges Kyambogo’s overall best

KYAMBOGO – Kasaazi Goerge William a Student from the Department of Computer Science pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Computing – BITC has emerged the overall best male performing student in the Kyambogo University 16th Graduation 2019. Kasaazi is a former student from St. Bernard’s Mannya S.S Rakai District who is so passionate […]

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Supercom Innovators club end of year ceremony

Kyambogo – Supercom innovators held their end of year meeting on Saturday 7th, December 2019 at Kyambogo University. Supercom Innovators club was founded in 2019 at Kyambogo University. It is currently located at Kyambogo University. At its start, it had members who had previously done their internship at Supercom Technologies for the year 2018/2019. These members were […]

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Campus News
Google sacks employees for information spill

Google sacks employees for information spill in the midst of a crackdown on representative activists. Google has terminated four representatives who were driving an inner dissent against the organization’s work with the US government. They were terminated for releasing their associates’ names and subtleties to the press. The organization sent an email to staff notice […]

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NASA uncovers an early form of the all-electric plane

NASA uncovers an early form of the all-electric plane. NASA has uncovered an all-electric plane that has been creating since 2015. The exploratory airplane, or X-plane, has assigned X-57 and its name is “Maxwell” for short. However, they will prepare it for its first experimental drill from Edwards Air Force Base. In the desert of […]

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Huawei discharges new whitepaper on the eventual fate of fixed-remote access

Huawei has discharged its 4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Broadband Whitepaper, which traces how fixed remote can carry broadband to all. As indicated by Huawei, the high speeds and huge limit of 4G and 5G availability have made it conceivable to offer a Gbps broadband encounter by using remote systems, as opposed to requiring copper […]

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Rwanda’s government pushes electric vehicles, bicycles

Rwanda’s government pushes electric vehicles, bicycles. Rwanda’s legislature is getting behind the “carbon nonpartisan” development by advancing electric autos and cruisers. German automaker Volkswagen is showing electric vehicles in Kigali, while a neighborhood organization has started selling electric bicycles. Be that as it may, some ask whether the vehicles work in a city with a […]

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Zuckerberg saves the web from the Chinese effect

Zuckerberg saves the web from the Chinese effect Imprint Zuckerberg thinks Facebook is the web. That was the unquestionable end, checking out the Facebook CEO talk at Georgetown University. However, charged as “an exchange on free explanation,” this was, really, a talk, trailed by pre-picked requests from understudies. RelatedFacebook dispatches news tab for journalism In […]

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