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Sexual harassment at Makerere university is a result of abuse of power – probe committee

A probe committee instituted to review sexual harassment at Makerere University on Friday 30; May released a provisional report that shows the progress made in investigations since it was established by Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice Chancellor of the university. While speaking to students and university staff members that turned up for the release of […]

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Cancer and other Gene Diseases to be cured.

CRISPR is an abbreviation of Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats CRISPR is a family of DNA sequences in bacteria and archaea. The sequences contain snippets of DNA from viruses that have attacked the prokaryote. These snippets are used by the prokaryote to detect and destroy DNA from similar viruses during subsequent attacks. These sequences […]

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Makerere, Parliament resolve to give Shs1,500 to government students per meal

Makerere– Makerere University and parliamentary committee on education have resolved to give each government sponsored student Shs4,500 for a daily to cater for the three meals. Ms Ritah Namisango, the university spokesperson, told journalists that the university will give Shs535,500 for each government student to cater to get meals outside for 119 days in a […]

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Makerere lecturers declare to strike citing little remuneration

Makerere university academic staff association -Muasa have vowed to strike over little pay and sufficient budget allocations by government come July. Muasa faults the university council for failure to match arrears of all academic staff in the 2018/2019 financial plan. Dr Deus Muhwezi Kamunyu, the Muasa chairman said that the academic staff members have worked […]

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Parliament backs Makerere to scrap meals from halls of residence

Kampala – Parliamentary committee on education yesterday (Thursday) approved Makerere University’s decision to abolish meals for government sponsored students in halls of residence. Early this year Makerere University council passed a resolution to stop providing meals saying the little facilitation of shs4000 from government is affecting service delivery. While appearing before the committee, Prof Barnabas […]

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Campus News
Makerere student arrested in Kanungu over leading strike

uA one Kagurusi aka Kagz, a finalist at College of Business and management has been detained at a local Kanungu police after championing a protest against the worrying status of the local roads. Kanungu remain with dry weather roads after all the years the district has supported the ruling NRM party. Kagz, who is ambitious […]

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Kyambogo teaching staff agree to strike over incentives

Kyambogo University lecturers under their umbrella Kyambogo University academic staff association- Kyuasa have unanimously agreed to strike over incentive arrears amounting to sh4bn. The decision was reached at during the general meeting yesterday (Wednesday) were members passed a resolution to strike for their unpaid allowances. According to Dr Lubaale, senior lecturer and the Kyuasa chairperson, […]

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Keeping your laptop on your lap isn’t a major risk to your fertility

Even though computer manufacturers warn us about the dangers on direct placement of a laptop on your body, otherwise it is criticized. If you take the time to look in your laptop manual (which many of us don’t), you’ll probably find various warning  to this effect: “Warning: Do not place on lap.” And actually, these […]

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Makerere Sex scandal: another implicated, suspended

In a letter dated 17/04/2018 from Office of the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Kisuze Edward has been suspended from Makerere University​ service on a half pay with immediate effect to allow a smooth investigation on the matter. Mr. Kisuze Edward a Senior Administrative Assistant at the Ivory Tower is alleged to have sexually harassed Ms. Njeroge […]

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Campus News
Anti riot police crash Makerere students, hundreds arrested

The Anti-riot police has clobbered Makerere University students on Monday morning and arrested hundreds in connection with rioting including the newly elected president Mr Papa Were Salim. According to Mr Martins Kato, the information minister, Mr Papa was arrested on Monday morning and taken to unknown destination but Cyclone Times has learnt that the guild […]

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