CAA Donates Shs10m Towards Entebbe Rotary Club Health Initiatives

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has supported Entebbe Rotary Club health initiatives with a Shs10m cash contribution. The Shs10m cheque was officially handed over to the Entebbe Rotary Club president George Bush by CAA Public Affairs Manager Luggya Vianney on Wednesday.

The Entebbe Rotary Club President George Bush thanked CAA for their cash contribution and added that the money will be used to equip Entebbe Hospital which is ill-funded.

“The Money will be put into good use because Entebbe General Referral Hospital is ill-funded on matters of emergency and intensive care. Our aim at the end of the day is to ensure that we help Entebbe Municipality; we help the people of Uganda have a hospital where we can have referrals including referrals that can come from an aviation disaster, an aviation emergency, on the road and on the lake. We are sending the money to Rotary International where a top up of Shs10m will be added. We are glad that NAS/Enhas has already donated 90,000 USD towards equipping Entebbe Hospital. I also appeal to CAA to mobilize more aviation stakeholders who believe that taking patients to Kampala doesn’t help and they should take the opportunity to join us so that we build Entebbe General Referral Hospital which would be 3-5 minutes away”, George Bush said.

Luugya Vianney, the CAA Manager Public Affairs disclosed that the Shs10m will be used to equip Entebbe Hospital to be able to handle emergencies in a better way.

“The Shs10m will be used to equip Entebbe Hospital to be able to handle emergencies in a better way and these emergencies can also affect us at the Airport. Entebbe Hospital is so key and strategic in Entebbe and in the event that any accident or incident happens at the Airport, it is one of the hospitals that we refer to first, these are our neighbours who are one of the first responders to any emergency of any nature. It’s therefore important for us that we join hands with other well wishers like Rotary Club of Entebbe to ensure that Entebbe Hospital improves on it’s facilities.”, Vianney stated.

Credit: Entebbe news

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