Buganda’s Prime blocked from visiting Kooki, St. Bernard’s SSS Mannya -Rakai

Photo by Sadab Kitatta
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The Buganda prime, Charles Peter Mayiga has been blocked from visiting Kooki (Rakai district) in Masaka town around hotel Brovad.

He was meant to visit St Bernard’s SS Mannya to give in Buganda’s condolence and comfort the victims who were affected during the fire that gutted this school early this month, and later to visit some farmers in Kooki Buganda County. Online sources reported.

according to Voice of Gomba, police and the army cordoned off Hotel Brovad in Masaka where the Katikkiro spent the night .

It’s alleged that the major cause is as result of increasing tension between Buganda and Kooki chief (Kamuswaga) Apollo Ssansa Kabumbuli II.


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