Boda-Boda riders protest continued government restrictions on their job

Boda-Boda riders
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Boda-Boda riders have today protested continued government restrictions on their operations. While easing the coronavirus induced lockdown measures on Monday, President Museveni reiterated that Boda Boda riders were not allowed to transport passengers.

Fortebet Uganda Boda-Boda

They say that they are suffering downtown, therefore, they kindly ask President Museveni to consider them. In addition, Boda-Boda riders were suspended from carrying passengers and told to carry only cargo. This was aimed at reducing the widespread of the deadly coronavirus in the country.

We shall keep you posted as this is a developing story. However, President Museveni also encouraged Ugandans to keep practicing Health measures. Therefore, continue to keep a social distance and also avoid crowded places.

Always ensure you wear a face mask recommended by the Ministry of Health (MOH). In addition, always wash your hands with soap and hand sanitizers every time you touch any surfaces. In conclusion, ensure you avoid touching the soft parts of your body for example the eyes, nose, and mouth.

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