Bobi Wine speaks out on his Age and Education ” Witch Hunt”

bobi wine leader of People Power Movement
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Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi has finally come out to clear the allegations regarding his age and academic papers which he has termed as a Witch Hunt.

While addressing media at the NUP headquarters on Monday, Bobi Wine said; To be clear, in a functioning democracy, leaders should be put on the spot and called to question. No leader should be above scrutiny, and in fact, our struggle is meant to promote a culture of accountability by leaders at all levels. But from the pattern I have explained above, this is no quest for accountability. This is a witch hunt. What Museveni has mastered is the art of deploying tools to help him witch-hunt his opponents.

Bobi Wine Fortebet Uganda

“I have lived most of my life in the camera. There is nothing I have not spoken about publicly, including the question of my age and my academics,” Kyagulanyi said.

“Now, in the public interest, let me yet again set the record straight regarding my academics and age!”

Kyagulanyi says he was born on February 12th, 1982 in Nkozi while his brother Julius Walakila, who he follows both from the same father and mother, was born on 23rd October 1979 according to all his official records.

“There is no way I would be born on 12th February 1980, only four months after the birth of my elder brother,” he said.

He says he started school in 1986 at St. Mary Gorreti Nursery School in Kamwokya.

While in at Bukalagi Primary school in P.6, in 1992, Kyagulanyi’s father went and requested the headmaster of Kanoni Catholic School to allow him to register and sit for his PLE examinations at the school.

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Bobi Wine speaks out about his Education – You will get shocked !!

“My father was advised that in order for my age to match with that of other candidates who included my elder brother Julius Walakila who was sitting PLE at Bukalagi the same year, he needed to increase my age by two years. That is when my year of birth was altered from 1982 to 1980,” Kyagulanyi said.

Bobi wine said he continued with the anomaly in age throughout his education both at S.4, S.6, and university education.

However, Bobi wine decided to correct the anomaly in his real date of birth in 2000 when he was getting his first passport

“I remember swearing an affidavit to reflect this change, which is what was required at the passport office at the time,” he said

“I saw some misguided people claiming that I changed my age at the time I was joining Parliament in 2017. No. All my records outside the academic documents since 2000 bear my true year of birth,” he added.

Regarding the arrangement and spelling error in his names, Bobi Wine says he swore a Statutory Declaration in 2017 as required by law, and filed it accordingly.

“It was the basis of my nomination as Kyadondo East Member of Parliament. At that time, I also applied for verification of my UNEB results and they were verified, he said.

Bobi Wine’s Education.

He says he started school in 1986 at St. Mary Gorreti Nursery School in Kamwokya.

“For my P.1, I went to City Primary School (now Arya Primary School) in Kamwokya in 1987.For my P.2. I went to Kanoni UMEA (Uganda Muslim Education Association) in 1988. That is where I learned reciting Islamic prayers that have stayed with me to-date. For my P.3. I went to Kasaka Primary School in 1989 still in Gomba. For my P.4. and P.5. I went to Kanoni Catholic School from 1990 up to 1991. For my P.6 I went to St. Aloysius Bukalagi Primary School in 1992,” Bobi wine said.

“when I proceeded to Secondary School, I went to St. Maria Goreti Katende in 1993 for my S.1. first term. For my S.1 second term up to senior three, I was at Brain-trust Academy in Rubaga. That was from 1993 to 1995.For my S.4. I went to Kitante Hill School and that is where I sat for my UCE in 1996,” he said.

“For my S.5. the first term, I went to Alliance Advanced Secondary School in Kamwokya in 1997. For my S.5. the second term, I went to Lubiri Secondary School in 1997. That was the time I lost my mother. For my S.5. the third term, I went to Kololo Senior Secondary School, still in 1997, and stayed there until I completed Senior Six (S.6) in November/ December 1998,” he added.

Bobi Wine said he was admitted to Makerere University for a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences in 1999 where he dropped out due to lack of tuition.

“In the year 2000, I was admitted on a government scholarship to study Music, Dance, and Drama and I graduated in 2003,” he said.

“As it is well known, in August 2016, I decided to go back to school- this time to pursue legal studies. I joined the International University of East Africa (IUEA) in Kansanga for my Law degree. A few months later when Cavendish University opened its law school in Kamwokya, I transferred from IUEA because Kamwokya was much nearer to my workplace (firebase) than Kansanga” Bobi wine said.

“I also did a short course on Leadership for the 21st Century at Harvard, and I am currently enrolled at the Southern New Hampshire University for further studies,” he added.

Kyagulanyi says he has put both his studies at Cavendish and SNHU on halt on account of his busy schedule.

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