BigEye StarBoss officially joins People Power Movement

BigEye StarBoss
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Faded Ugandan artist Ibrahim Mayanja alias BigEye StarBoss has crossed from NRM to Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement. Big Eye has been a staunch NRM supporter since his childhood, however, things have turned out worse for him of recent. In addition, fans pelted bottles at the singer for lack of good music hence not performing even before coronavirus hit the country.

Therefore, he started looking for greener pastures elsewhere but of course, still, things didn’t pan out for him well. In addition, he had to look for other ways to survive amidst the tough coronavirus that hit the entire world so hard.

About a month ago, BigEye Starboss cried out to the government of Uganda for help to bail him out of the troubles he had. In addition, he had lost his car and had an unpaid debt of about 400M UGX for his house. Therefore he wrote to various big horns in the government for quick help, however, he did not receive any feedback.

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Now guess what, BigEye Starboss threatened to sue president Museveni for not paying for his services at the 2011 campaigns. In addition, the stressed faded artist claimed he served NRM with all his heart but they never paid him for his services.

To cut the story short, BigEye has decided to join Bobi Wine’s People Power Movement. In a post, he put on his social media wall, he advised all other artists to join Bobi Wines struggle…

“No musician is safe ever since Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine stood against Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Even us who support the NRM are not safe. A lot of unlawful things and unfair things are going to be done to disorganize this music industry, separate it, and put it down. Fellow musicians open your eyes widely. We have even started seeing some media houses/Entertainment programs being paid to expose musicians with the aim of spoiling musicians’ images. If I am not mistaken we might even be the reason why this country is still in lockdown so that we don’t do any shows to earn. Maybe we better stand with Hon Robert Kyagulanyi who will understand our pain,” BigEye Starboss wrote.

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