Bebe Cool Advises Police – Free Omah Lay & Tems, Arrest the Organisers

Omah Lay and Tems

Ugandan musician, Moses Salli alias Bebe Cool has called on police to free Nigerian Fast rising music star Omah Lay who was arrested for performing at a crowded concert in Kampala.

Posting on his Facebook Account, Bebe Cool wrote “Free Omah Lay.So much has happened to humanity in the world due to covid-19 but we need to focus on not hurting each other more than what covid-19 has done to us all.”

“I called for this concert to be stopped and the authorities did not do so then.Damage has been done but we can avoid more damage,” he added.

Other Ugandan Artists that have called for the release include Singer Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and Apass.

Fortebet Uganda

“@Omah_Lay got hired to perform. Just like any other Artist, we need to learn to love each other as Africans. Yes it’s unfair others perform and others can’t but this pandemic affected us all, we can’t afford to keep hurting each other,” Pallaso tweeted.

Like Bebe Cool called upon to authorities to deal with the event organizers and free Omah lay. This was posted on one of his social media platforms.

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“Tems & Omah_Lay Should be home, not in court before a magistrate for a negligent act likely to spread # covid19 they were booked to perform, they didn’t organize the concert, it’s the promoter. Free the artists and deal with the promoters, I feel so bad to see people who came to entertain, not knowing what the Ugandan laws look like when it comes to shows/ Concerts in this pandemic time ending up in court”

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