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“I call her my granny, the best grand dad in the world” Melissa said the moment I met her first guardian. he was an aged man probably in his late seventies. “Im Lynn, your daughter’s friend” I introduced myself… he was happy…since he smiled, portraying his teethless mouth. “where is the grand mom” I asked. they told me she was in the reading room trying to finish up something. and when she finally appeared, she surprised me on how she looked. she was way younger than her husband, perhaps, in her mid fifties. “Melissa’s friend”, her husband whispered in her ears, and she smiled too. “Melissa has never brought us any friends here, we are glad you have come” I also smiled, and so did Melissa.

The lady kept on looking at me, as if trying to pull out my picture clearly. ” anything wrong, mom?” I asked her… “no… but you just seem like someone I may be knowing ” we were all surprised. “grand ma acts like that most of the times. she will stare at you if at all she wants to give you a bomb shell” Melissa said and then left off to prepare lunch in the kitchen. I had finally got privacy with the two guardians. ‘why does Melissa call you her granny?’ I asked. “because we are not her parents, we adopted her.” ‘from an orphanage?” ‘ my wife picked her from somewhere “the man said. “where? under a mango tree?’ I found myself asking, without thinking twice. ” see, see? I told you I know this lady… that night I saw you with a baby, first, I bypassed you, and later on saw you as you sat with it under that mango tree.” she was all pointing fingers at me..

I felt uncomfortable and happy at the same time, they both hugged me, and called out for Melissa, who came back questioning on what had caused the excitement. “she is your mother, Melissa,’ Melissa looked at all of us, all confusion lined across her face. “what are you guys talking about?” why did you abandon her under that tree? the grand ma asked. “A.B.A.N.D.O.N.E.D Meeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Melissa echoed. until this time, I was speechless,,, ” I was raped…before I got her, one night, by a man I don’t know up to now. life got me the hardest way, and when I gave birth to her, I couldn’t raise her, I was just a teenager.” tears flowed out of my eyes, the two guardians put their arms around me, and advised me to keep calm… my situation was understood. we never realized it was already evening since we kept on talking.

Melissa didn’t harden her heart towards me. she only felt hurt by the fact that she was a product of rape. that night, I returned home, ready to open up to my husband. he wasn’t home by the time I got there. I found our bedroom quite of disorganized with his clothes all-over the ground. for all the time I spent with my hubby, he had never worn sleeveless shirts during day…he only wore them at night as he went for jogging or to have fun with his friends as he claimed I started hmming a song of glory as I started arranging the clothes. among the suit cases in our bedroom, there was one, maroon one I had never touched. I got it, opened and it was full of clothes too, which I poured onto the bed. my eyes fell naked on a mask. a black mask… my thoughts quickly rushed back to that fateful night when I was raped, the man wearing a black mask, with a tattoo on his left arm. it wouldn’t be my husband… although I had never been kin enough on looking at his whole body, I didn’t and couldn’t imagine he was the one. he walked in on me, the mask laid besides me. my eyes went straight to his left arm and the tattoo, was there though faded. perhaps, he had tried removing it but all in vain, that’s why it hadn’t been easy me seeing it. so, all along, it had been him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be continued….

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