Bad Black – Bryan White is not sick, He is just playing his games

bad black and bryan white
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We promised to keep you on the nines with all developing stories and guess what, as it looks, today we got you an interesting one. There have been silent rumors and mussitations airing out among Ugandans that the pen and pencil-sized faded money lord could be in a “Kiwani” or faked sickness act.

Everyone got on their feet and yelled high that Bryan White is lying to the world ever since he was discharged or sent home from Nakassero Hospital, this was coming to an end after Bad black visited Bryan recently and confirmed that the noodle man was really ill and needed help but again today you will like what am going to tell you.

Hours after Bad black, original names Sharon Namuyimba visited a rumored sick Bryan White and even cried in the video that was shared, she has confessed to the world that she was just used by the selfish film star.

Bryan White
Bryan White during the working days of his Foundation.

In a video posted, Bad black seemed cozy and drunk but in Africa, we have a saying that goes “Omutamivu talimba” which simply means that a drunkard does not lie about anything and all they seem to say is the truth.
“Bryan White is there playing his games, he has involved me, can you believe that honey?” started a tipsy Bad black as she appeared to speak to her new lover in the video.


“He has fooled me again and again, taking me for a fool. All the rich people that were giving him money, as for my case they buy lunch for free exclusive of his (Bryan’s) foundation. His foundation no one recognize it, ” jeered a very bitter Bad black.

She then also expressed her feelings for Asha in what seemed to be an interlude and before we could even know it, she was at it again.
“Of course on Bryan White’s foundation or fundraising, how much money was I going to stomach? Someone who is sick, why do you…,” she paused and went again like “why is he even refusing to receive funds, you are broke baby I have given you another live, you are broke.

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Bryan White, you are broke and if you are not broke then you do not need fundalization, go to the hospital Maza faka. My fellows, someone reaches a point and loses their good side so don’t tell me a thing,” she ranted.
At some point, Bad black added more wine to her glass and stung Bryan White even more saying they are enjoying wines and he is making them beggars who lack even a single penny, she also advised Bryan White not to cling himself on Bobi wine or even President Museveni saying that he knows his mission because a terrorist doesn’t have a choice but only wants to take over.

“I don’t want you to ever bring your racass on me ever again because I’ve made my money without your involvement, you have even made me speak things I wouldn’t have enunciated and that means all the cries you have been making claiming you are in pain, its a comedy.”

While jeering in a bitchy tone she added, “People are trying to help you, you are pretending like a toothless baby mbu Am not sick so now get up from your sickbed, get off your sickbed and see if we shall fart our selves out. My friend we are not here entertaining you, me and Mc Richie were not entertaining you please.”

“Me and Mc Richie had started a fundalization to solicit for you money but if you have money go in the hospital, stop pretending.
You understand?? Do you know that he was trying to get to Museveni through me but that means only one thing, you are not sick because Museveni would have been among the…

The fundalizaa and am here just asking my self why they chased you from the State House, why??? Why they chase you statehouse, hmmm, why they do that?”
She then linked another piece of advice to Bryan White saying he shouldn’t make her a beggar because if she needs any form of fundraising, she has her cold heart haters the bloggers, that they will write about her and get her over the news.

Bad Black COVID-19 advert
City Socialite Bad Black

“Can you imagine, a sick person who is even on Oxygen called Mc Richie??” She then told Mc Richie that she was going to go and be on his live show and asked Bryan White and his company not to make a fool of them.
“If you are a terrorist, you are a terrorist. I am not a terrorist, am a civilian so don’t tell me your bullsh*t you understand? We are trying to help you and you are there playing the rich game now take yourself to Kenya flayingaa.”

There has been a lot of curseladening from Bad black with the issue being she tried to make efforts to try and reach out to people who could help Bryan White with money and according to the way it looks she was put to halt by Bryan White himself something that did not please her hence spilling secrets we did not even expect at this point in time.

Disclaimer: Some grammatical errors used in quoting Bad black’s speech are her own making and were used to spice up the story.

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