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The president of the Republic of Uganda Gen. Yoweri K Museveni has through his Facebook page revealed how he isn’t ready to retire now.
Museveni should retire? There is no problem with Museveni retiring, says M7

The President of the Republic of Uganda Gen. Yoweri K Museveni has through his Facebook page indirectly revealed how he isn’t ready to retire now. Museveni has indicated that NRM is not after jobs but the mission of Patriotism (down with sectarianism in Uganda), Pan-Africanism in Africa, social – economic transformation and democracy. He has […]

Stella Nyanzi is a Ugandan medical anthropologist, feminist, queer rights activist, and scholar of sexuality, family planning, and public health.
Bobi Wine has won back my trust, Stella Nyanzi

The Kampala Opposition aspiring Woman MP Dr. Stella Nyanzi has conclusively expressed the ultimate belief that Bobi Wine is a great leader who will push Museveni out of the top seat come 2021. Dr. Stellah Nyanzi is an FDC member who joined the People Power pressure group but defied to join the National Unity Platform […]

What a Bang! 1st Time Winner Smashes 422m from 2k

What praise you may want to heap on to this ticket is in no doubt very much deserving. Three weeks ago, this winner (identity withheld) tried out placing this ticket, not knowing that it will be his life changer. “I placed this ticket at midnight. I wanted to sleep but had no sleep, so I […]

Broke Billionaires: 8 Who Had It All & Lost Almost Everything

For billionaires, declines in the economy can be a disaster. This is because a large proportion of their money is invested in things such as real estate, investments and business holdings – all of which can dramatically change in value when the economy is down.  In the infographic below, you can read about 8 renowned […]

Buganda Kingdom empowers renovation of fallen Ssekabaka Muteesa II house with Shs 70m

Buganda kingdom has on Thursday donated Shs 70m to boost the renovation works of the late Ssekabaka Muteesa II house located in  Makerere University. Buganda’s Premier Charle P. Mayiga handed over a Cheque to the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe on an event organised at the University. The house is where Buganda’s 35th king, Ssekabaka […]

CITES reveals five cybersecurity trends to watch in 2020 and beyond
CITES reveals five cybersecurity trends to watch in 2020 and beyond

The rapid transition to remote office has shifted focus away from cybersecurity, enabling threat actors to take advantage of loosened security policies. CITES, a vendor that makes data security easy, reveals the top five cybersecurity trends for organizations to keep an eye on in the second half of 2020 and beyond. Although the massive transition […]

How USA top Twitter accounts were hacked in a Bitcoin Scam

Prominent and USA social media giant TWITTER was on Wednesday devastate by a malicious attacker on the American high-profile accounts leaving hundreds of dollars scooped by the hackers. Twitter accounts belonging to Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Bloomberg, Elon Musk and Apple, among other prominent handles, were compromised on Wednesday in what the company said […]

Celebrity Gossip
Branic Benzi finally sends apology to David Lutalo for his sexual affair with his wife

Singer Kalibwani Ibrahim aka Branic Benzi has finally sent an apology to Luweero Singer David Lutalo for sexually engaging his wife Sharon Walukagga. His apology comes after five (5) of having a sexual affair with Lutalo’s wife popularly known as mama Scott. Branic has bowed down and extended a heartfelt apology to Kapapala hit singer […]

Digida FM fired workers move to sue boss over Shs103.6m salary arrears

Digida FM former workers have moved to sue the popular Ministry of Agriculture Boss Mr. Ssegawa Gyagenda over the 10 months’ salary arrears amounting to Shs 103.6m. In a demand notice dated 29th June 2020 presented to Mr. Gyagenda by the workers’ law firm Kigezi-Opira and Co. Advocates, expresses how the workers reported for work […]