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Government Withdraws Charges Against Red pepper Directors.

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has today withdrawn charges in which Red Pepper editors and directors were charged with libel, computer misuse and publication of content that is prejudicial to national security against Redpepper directors and editors. Government prosecutor based at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) Abdulslam Waiswa tendered in a letter to Buganda Road […]

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UCC issues stiff guidelines for simcards replacement

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has issued  stiff procedures to be followed while replacing lost Simcards. The commission says one is required to  presented a letter from NIRA verifying that user’s National ID authentication and card will be used in a genuine type approved device. According to a statement by Eng Godfrey Mutabazi, the UCC Executive […]

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The University Football League is Back, Makerere University Remains on Suspension.

One could only say the long-awaited moment is finally here!! The University football league is back. This happened on Monday, March 26, 2018 (Yesterday) as the University Football League conducted the 4 group draw at the same time unveiling their partnership with Pepsi and Nile Special as the League’s official sponsors. This draw came with […]

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Sheebah Karungi Explains Why She Dresses the Way She Wants

In recent weeks musician Sheebah Kalungi has been at her worst days in her life time receiving all the criticisms directed to her about her dress code and being called an indecent lady with no moral code. However, Cyclone Times took an initiative to find out why the songstress furiously responded to the minster of […]

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11 Ways to Have a Successful Career

Our team recently sat down to discuss the best advice we have ever received when it comes to career. Whether you are just getting out of University or looking to make a job switch in the new year, we’ve got you covered when it comes to tips you will want to know prior to submitting […]

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Makerere vote to phase out meals, internship allowances
Internet crisis hits Makerere University

Businesses at Makerere came to a standstill after the Internet predicament hit Uganda’s oldest university for the past three weeks. Several departments at the university have not had internet connectivity for the last 3 weeks after the break of an optic fibre cable that connects them to the main server. The most affected areas are […]

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Campus News
Kabale University School Of Medicine Strike Over High Tuition

The latest news coming from Kabale University indicates that over 100 students from the school of medicine have gone on strike to show their disagreements regarding the current high fees structure. The strike comes following the University’s decision to hike both tuition and functional fees something that these students find too high to afford. It […]

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The fight against corruption, Uganda still has a long way to go

Uganda is ranked number 25 as the most corrupt country in the world, only beaten by Somalia, South Sudan and a few others. This year’s theme, ‘United against Corruption for Development, Peace and Security’ clearly points out that corruption is a big hindrance to economic, social and any kind of development there is. Corruption affects education, […]

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Uganda Police In Arua Arrest 10 Criminals, Recover Two AK 47 Guns, 56 Ammunitions.

Police in Arua are holding 10 men on cases of aggravated robberies and murders which have been occurring since November 2017 along Arua Ogoko road around Luku hill, Olevu village, Olevu parish, Ajia Sub county, Arua district and at river Ala area, Anzuu village, Anzuu parish, Vurra Sub county, Arua district. Two Ak 47 guns […]

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Kyambogo students storm Senate over delayed marks

Asection of the Kyambogo University students’ fraternity took it upon themselves this morning to demonstrate over the delayed release of the examination results for the previous semester. Dressed in their blue gowns, armed with vuvuzelas and whistles, they raided the Senate building amidst police deployment. According  to a letter authored by the Kyambogo legendary activists […]

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