Author: Mwagalwa Bob Joel

Under My Umbrella episode 1: cyclone times stories

cycyclone times brings you Under my Umbrella episode 1 by lynn lynn. Kindly read and share with your friends. At just 18, she was that beautiful girl that her mother always referred to as her little princess. Naome was a slightly tall half white,half black girl with small eyes that matched with her tiny round […]

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BEAUTIFUL VENGE Episode 2 by lynn lynn

We bring  you episode 2 of beautiful venge proudly sponsored by Cyclone Times I collected myself up together before daylight as I was all soaked in blood. Couldn’t bear people seeing me in such a state. I aimed at only heading at my friend’s home. By six sharp in the morning, I was there and […]

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BEAUTIFUL VENGE Episode 1 is proudly sponsored by cyclone times. I was in my form 6 vacation when I learned that the woman I had grown up with wasn’t actually my mother. I always wondered why she treated me differently from Lillian, my other little sister but never got to know why. we used to […]

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Tanzanian, Diamond Platinums dumped again

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz is now becoming a dumping material for every hot girl around. Diamond since was dumped by his kids mother Zari Hassan last year as a result of behaving like is the only bull in Africa has been disturbed by relationships like a wandering ship on a sea. Tanzanian video vixen and […]

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Black panther - image
Black Panther in scenes

A newly produced Superhero movie from Marvel Studios titled Black panther has made Ugandans very anxious to watch it in the versions of their VJs however, cinema  bosses still holding the copy right tight which will perhaps get loose very soon.   Predominantly black movie in January 2016, Coogler was confirmed as director,[98] and explained that he grew […]

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Spice Diana to Become an Opportunist

The “Anti Kale” hit maker Diana Namukwaya  alias Spice Diana cannot shrink in Uganda audience as a result of what she called a slight mistake she made last week while on Spark and NTV during “Mwasuze Mutya”  about her s6 results. Spice Diana is soon to turn into an opportunist in the situation basing on […]

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Prison Break 6 Confirmed – Fox Director

The long awaited award conqueror TV series commonly known as PRISON BREAK is back again with season 6. The FOX entertainment boss David Madden confirmed the nine episodes of this popular movie saying they are expected to be out by the end of this year making the studio team sleepless. According to Mr Madden, season […]

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Ugandan Kids Change Music

Waka Kids dancing Spice Diana’s “Anti Kale” sensational song   Ugandan children have continued to set new trends in Uganda music industry a thing that has offered it a wider exposure outside the country. With their dancing styles in which they involve all their body parts in processes of performing attract many people to watch […]

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How to Protect Yourself against Chip Flaw

Microsoft is updating your PC to protect against a major microchip security flaw which is good, though the fix is going to slow down your computer. Intel and other chipmakers revealed on January 3 (From CNN) that potentially serious vulnerabilities nicknamed Spectre and Meltdown could allow bad actors to access the stuff on your computer […]

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