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Mane wins best African Player award 2019

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane has been named the Confederation of African Football‘s (CAF) 2019 African Player of the Year just because. The Senegal forward beat club colleague Mohamed Salah. In addition, Salah had won the honor the past two years – and 2016 victor Riyad Mahrez to the prize. Mane got 477 votes to Salah’s 325, […]

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Buzz Teeniez Awards: Spice D frustrated with organizers

Artist Spice Diana is frustrated with the coordinators of Buzz Teeniez Awards. These took place on Saturday at MTN Warehouse along Jinja street. Zest Diana asserts the coordinators played messy games to grant certain artistes. Insiders in her camp say she trusts Sheebah should scoop the Female artiste of the year award. “Spice Diana thought […]

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Campus News
Lyn’s Silent Feelings final episode: cyclone times stories

Lyn’s Silent Feelings final episode: cyclone times stories I Took two days to recollect myself and finally, on one quiet evening I decided to go visit Jack. Packed some few cloths  of mine and boarded  off to Mityana where he stayed. Reached at around 7:30 pm and found no one home. Decided to call him […]

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Lyn’s silent feelings part 5-cyclone times

Lyn’S silent feelings part 5-cyclone times This time around, I wasn’t dreaming. I kissed him back and even held him closer. Before I realized, he was already inside me, driving me hard than I had ever been driven. this had even never happened in my sitting room, I screamed and he pressed his left hand […]

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Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 4: cyclone times stories

Cyclone times brings you Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 4 proudly sponsored by Lyn Lyn stories. Read, Share and like. I dressed in a short black Patra and a crop top, and after tied an “ilesu” around me, making sure it was not tight enough on me. My heart skipped a little bit the moment he […]

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Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 2:Cyclone times

Lyn’s Silent Feelings Part 2 is brought to you by cyclone times and powered by Lyn Lyn STORIES. He was wondering what kind of human being would play such loud slow music on a weekend when people were still resting the week’s stress off. this was the right chance I had to use to make […]

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Lyn’s Silent Feelings part 3 (Rated PG)

Cyclone times brings you Lyn’s Silent Feelings part 3 (Rated PG) by Lyn Lyn stories. Enjoy, read and share widely. “You’re the most beautiful woman on planet earth, Lynn”, David said. I just don’t know how I had come to learn his name. I was well laid strongly and securely in his arms. He held […]

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LYN’s Silent Feelings part 1-cyclone times stories

LYN’S SILENT FEELINGs part 1, cyclone times After one and a half years of my stay at Mama Nankya’s rentals, we received a word that a new neighbor would be moving in. Most of the other neighbors were either married or close to married. However, from the looks of it, this new neighbor was a […]

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UCC sets 1 month ultimatum for online content providers to register

In Summary Online data communication service providers, including online publishers, online news platforms, and online radio and telephone operators are therefore advised to apply and obtain authorization from the Commission.   All Online data communicators in Uganda are directed to register within less than a month or else they face disciplinary Measures. According to a […]

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