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Leila Official
I aborted Feffe Bussi’s Baby Because He Had No Interest – Leila Official

Earlier this week we published a story about a one Leila Official who took to Facebook through a group called LOVE STORIES accusing the Uganda freestyle king Feffe Bussi for making her pregnant and thereafter failing to give her any sort of assistance, this story spread very fast most especially on Facebook but then the […]

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Jennifer Full Figure
Bajjo, you are the father of my child – Jennifer Full Figure

Most people on the media always have a nail and hammer for Jennifer full figure original names Jenifa Nakagubi a Muganda lady who recently betrayed the People power movement and joined the yellow banana people (NRM). Most media attacks on her are that she is shabby and not even a wife material but what if […]

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Bryan White back home from Nakasero Hospital
Bryan White health worsens, sent back home from Nakasero Hospital

Bryan White has been sent back home from Nakassero Hospital after his situation worsening. As we all know, Big spender and well known Don Bryan white was recently admitted to Nakassero Home of sick people including treatment and labor (HOSPITAL) because of the pain he was getting in his lower chambers of the stomach. He […]

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Leila Official
“Fefe Bussi Ate My sumbie and infected me with HIV” – Leila Official

There has been a fire in the Fefe Bussi Camp after a Facebook slay queen who goes by the name Leila Official (ōfíçïãl) took to her Facebook profile. In addition, and posted her discontent ideas in one of the groups Facebook called LOVE STORIES. Hmm, how the pencil size rapper had live sex with her, […]

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Frank Gashumba
Frank Gashumba Roars Back At Tina Fierce

Following the recent buzz of events between the Sheila Gashumba camp and Tina Fierce who single-handedly attacked each of them from Sheilah, Frank Gashumba her dad, and her muscular boyfriend Marcus Lwanga aka God’s plan, there is a clear lining and concrete evidence that the Gashumba’s are having their reven. First, the Sheilah Gashumba camp […]

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GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju
In-depth analysis of the beef between GNL Zamba and Gravity Omutujju

There has been a rough cruise of offending words between rappers GNL Zamba and Gravity omutujju. Therefore our team has wrapped up a full view of how it all started. In addition, where it is at the moment so just scroll through, and in a giffy you will be updated. As we all know Gereson […]

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Tina Fierce and Sheilah Gashumba
Uncovering the whole truth about Sheila Gashumba X Tina Fierce Saga

It’s not always about who wrote the story first, the facts behind the story make it alive and today we bring you the crazy feud between Sheila C Gashumba and Tina Fierce, what you don’t know, what the media won’t tell you and the ugly truth about the whole matter. Now you have heard a […]

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Big Eye and Don Zella
Roots of the Big Eye StarBoss and Sheilah Don Zella Story

“Love is soo overrated,” is a famous quote that has been made real because of the state of today’s relationships. Today as usual our team brings you the trending and ongoing love once had and then lost the battle between Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye and Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella. Of course, everyone knows Big […]

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AY Poyoo
Meet AY Poyoo, I’m the Goat everybody washout singer

The Entertainment industry brings news to our eyes every day and whatever it gives looks interesting to watch or even listen. Therefore let us introduce you to the freshest talent in Africa. AY Poyoo is a first rising rapper from Accra, Ghana who was recently bought to most people’s screens when he released his video […]

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