Student writes dossier to Makerere Vice chancellor over impunity, intimidating students

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Dear Sir,

It has come to my notice that you have become a complete autocrat when it comes to addressing issues pertaining Makerere University!

You have preoccupied yourself with imprisoning, expelling and suspending every student with a dissenting opinion against your quack policies at the Ivory Tower!

We have noticed that you even started descending on the great Alumni (Alex Seed) whose opinions are not in tandem with yours!

Sir, you should be reminded that a University is center of intelligentsia and free debate and expression of opinions shouldn’t be suppressed but rather guided by doing what is right for the students, staff and the general public to ensure a fair academic environment for everyone!

Sir, you should as well be reminded that you’re not the first person to be Vice Chancellor of Makerere and last you shall not be! You found the university there and you’ll leave it there but the legacy you are leaving behind will speak volumes for or against you in the future and it will have an impact on even your grand children!

I understand the pressure you have from the state to do some of the things you are doing, I also understand that goofy non thinkers are ill advising you but you need to have your own stand because when all vanishes away, none of them will stay but rather vanish off and leave you alone in mayhem!

Lastly, preoccupy yourself on building a legacy, one which will tell a lot about you without you fighting so hard to explain yourself thereafter! No one has ever been used by the state and remained standing! Ask your friend Prof. Venacious Baryamureba.

In conclusion, stop the arrests, stop the intimidation, stop the expulsions, stop the suspensions, stop the impunity against students and do what is right instead of politicking and dictating!

I thank you!
Zaba Ismah
Gen.Sec.Lumumba Town .

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