Army shuts Bobi Wine’s Boxing Day show arrangements at Busabala

Photo by Daily Monitor
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It’s a total disappointment to Bobi wine’s funs after receiving news that his busabala beach has been surrounded by army soldiers amidst their arrangements for today’s (boxing Day) show.

It can be remembered that Bobi Wine’s shows were cleared by the parliament a few weeks back after confirming that it’s unconstitutional.

Bobi wine was first blocked by army and police from singing at Gaba yesterday in a show that was cleared by police before he learned that even his own beach was already cordoned by army. The army chased sound engineers and ordered them to pull down the stage,   lodging visitors chased and his staff arrested.

It is a surprise that parliament’s orders are undermined by unknown individuals in government.

Hon. Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine wrote in full details below.

Earlier today, a Christmas music show that had been cleared by the police at Ggaba beach was immediately disrupted and blocked by soldiers and police the moment they learnt that I was one of the artistes going to perform.

A few minutes past midnight today, hordes of soldiers have been dropped by military trucks in Busabala. They have surrounded my premises at One Love Beach, where we were organising a Boxing Day show later today.

They have ordered the stage and sound engineers to bring down the stage and pull down all materials we had put in place for the show. They have arrested my employees including the kitchen staff and all the people who were preparing to sell merchandise at the show. They have sent away our guests who were lodging at the Beach tonight and ordered all people out of the premises. As we speak, the premises are completely cordoned off as if it’s a crime scene!! I’ve not stopped receiving calls from my staff and neighbors who are in too much fear, as these actions are being carried out in the deep of the night.

They are doing this despite Parliament’s resolution last week declaring that blocking my shows is unconstitutional, has no basis in law, and should be stopped forthwith.

Yesterday, President Museveni passed a video through his facebook account calling funs for his son Bebe cool to “Tondeeka E’Kiwatule” show and wishing him and his funs a merry Christmas and a happy new.

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