Are Kizza Besigye supporters more rational than Bobi’s? Find out what Dr. Stella Nyanzi thinks

Stella Nyanzi and Kiiza Besigye
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Are Kizza Besigye supporters more rational than Bobi’s? Find out what Dr. Stella Nyanzi thinks.

Early last week saw the good doctor Stella Nyanzi on her Facebook page divide power among the opposition. That is in a world where Museveni did not exist at all. At least not as president. Dr Nyanza went ahead to give out positions all based on her personal opinion and it all came down to Bobi Wine being president and Dr. Warren Kiffefe Kiiza Besigye being the prime minister. Stella Nyanzi also allocated Gen. Mugisha Muntu the vice presidency and Dp. Hancho Mao got the speakership position.

Fortebet Uganda

This post brought a few mixed feelings amongst Dr.Nyanzi’s fans. The people supporters went into ceremonious jubilation while the FDC supporters were not particularly very impressed given that their man Besigye was not given top seat.

For some reason, no Women empowerment/pressure groups came up to question why Dr. Stella Nyanzi did not create room for a woman on the big boys’ table.

Kiiza Besigye
Dr. Kiiza Besigye

The disgruntled few went ahead to put across their grievances and this is where it got a little interesting. One person asked the good doctor why she did not think Kizza Besigye should be president then Bobi wine be prime minister?. Dr. Nyanzi answered this gentleman in the most honest and simple manner that she could come up with. Stella Nyanzi said I quote “Your proposal is also great, However, in my view, it is much easier for KB’s followers to agree to my proposal than it is for Bobi’s followers to agree to yours.”

Stella Nyanzi

As expected this statement was interpreted as a direct insult from some of the people power supporters and they immediately started doing what they are crowned for. They threw insults and some even started questioning the good doctors’ intentions. The FDC supporters on the other hand took the statement as a compliment and started gloating about their maturity and deep understanding of Ugandan politics.

bobi wine
People Power Movement Leader Bobi Wine

Whatever the case, the statement made by Dr. Stella was a powerful statement and it has been misunderstood 1000 times and in 1000 different ways. We won’t add our own judgment to it so we shall let you the reader decipher exactly what Dr. Nyanzi meant by the statement she made.
Do FDC supporters have a more rational mind than People power supporters?. We can not really tell. What do you think?.

Written by Isiret Tukei.

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Written by Isiret Tukei.

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