Angry youths give a thief an energy drink so that they can beat him again

Different social media platforms are never going to rest due to various breaking and awesome story updates from all corners around the world… As Ugandans are still mourning the people who lost their lives during the riots that took place in Kampala after the arrest of presidential hopeful Bobi Wine, some youths have given an energy drink to a thief to regain his strength.

Hmm, they did this so that they proceed to round two of thorough beatings… In addition after accusing him of stealing things that didn’t belong to him…

According to Cyclone Times credible sources, these youths or young men from takoradi, Ghana decided to buy an energy drink to a thief… In addition, in a move for him to regain his strength to receive another round of torture so that it serves as a lesson for others planning to steal.

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An eyewitness revealed to Cyclone Times Uganda that the hooligan was caught in the act of stealing… Therefore they decided to have him into their own hands instead of taking him to police…

Angry youths give a thief an energy drink so that they can beat him again

“Welcome to Takoradi Ghana, where after beating a thief, we offer him a bottle of rush energy drink so we can beat him again… U see how kind we are… No place like Taddi,” the post read.

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