AGAIN!! Meet Mugenyi Jerome, the most Active member of SMAU

Meet Mugenyi Jerome, the most Active member of SMAU
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Hello our readers, in this beautiful article you will get to know Jerome Mugenyi who is currently the most active member of Stingy Men Association Uganda (SMAU).  A couple of days ago, Mr. Jerome was trending all over different social media platforms for his new tactics of leading SMAU…

However, his tactics were outdated thus landing him straight into serious trouble which made him even reveal to us his top secrets. Hmm, if you are a social media in-law then I am pretty sure you have an idea about the issues that happened to the most  active member of SMAU… If not then, don’t worry much because here is the whole truth you need to know about Mugenyi Jerome.

Jerome was caught in someone’s home very busy chewing, eating and grinding on a married woman’s sumbie and beans. He was recorded live on camera as he continued to seperate the beans without getting permission from the owner… In addition, a video clip was then posted on different social media platforms…

Hmm, this video went viral as social media in-laws were so surprised to see a one Jerome Mugenyi freestyle on someone’s beans moreover in his bedroom (Naye Mr, Jerome Ojjoga), they said…

They [ Social media in-laws ] immediately crowned him the most active member of SMAU… The man from Fort-portal city (Kasusu) by the name of Mugenyi Jerome was caught chewing someone’s wife in Mbarara. In addition, at Omusikye Kyera Division, a one Irene who also apparently happens to be a school teacher at Ntare Secondary School.


It was reported that Jerome had spent FIVE DAYS inside after traveling from Fort Portal up to Mbarara. According to reports, his main objective was to get a rich sugar mummy (Irine Musimenta).

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He got a lover through social media connection by a one Jackie based in Kampala.

The man works with an NGO in Sudan, has cash but ever busy. Hmm, the woman gets men and lies to them that she is a single rich lady only lacking a man. The lady is an Economics & Entrepreneurship Teacher at Ntare School based in Mbarara.

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