21 Days of Quarantine HD video & mp3 download by St Maxi Mayne


Unveiling St Maxi Mayne the Voice Behind 21 Days of Kalantiini Song Watch and Download

As the Coronavirus pandemic keeps on spreading and attacking the whole globe, this has called for various countries to impose lockdown measures and it is in this context that artists like St Max Mayne have decided to rhyme in and keep their people confined in their houses and feed on the message what these artistes bring up.

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Briefly, St Maxi Mayne is a Hip Hop/Lugaflow artiste with a strong background on great music. He started his career way back in the days and because he is defined by rap, he stepped up the stage to preach. In addition, he is under Grand Street Music entertainment a record label that has bought its name in managing rappers. In his previous songs like COVID19, he showed the dissatisfaction people have in these times and the effects it has impacted on people’s lives so far.

21 Days of Quarantine HD video & mp3 download by St Maxi Mayne
St Maxi Mayne performing alongside Ykee Bender

21 Days of Quarantine from the award-winning rapper is a song carrying a message to all groups of people. In addition, how men have not visited saloons for days, how slay queens are also feeling the heat as their sponsors are also broke now.

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How landlords are not holding their cheeks as tenants are broke. In addition, men are crying for keeping home with their wives, a frustrating life to men according to St Max.

Watch the 21 days of Quarantine HD video by St Maxi Mayne, don’t forget to subscribe

This song has wrapped up all the current situation into the 3 minutes it runs for and now that more 14 days to 21 days have been put in place by the president, the song will gain more relevancy and more meaning as it preaches even the ways we can overcome all the COVID19 defects and focus on our lives.

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