2018 UACE results out, UNEB withholds results for 91 candidates

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The results of 91 candidate who sat 2018 Uganda advanced certificate of education (UACE) exams have been withheld by the examination body over issues of malpractices.

Uganda national examination board (UNEB) executive secretary, Mr Dan Odongo on Thursday said the 91 candidates represent 0.09 percent of the total candidates who sat from 21 centres.

“The most common forms of examination breaches have been external assistance,” Mr Odongo said while releasing 2018 UACE results in Kampala adding that this was in accordance with Section 4(3) of UNEB Act, Cap 137.

According to the State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo while releasing the results at President’s Office, in Kampala said that government will do what is possible to fight the vice of malpractice.

Although the incidences of examination malpractices are low, Minister Muyingo says government will support UNEB in all ways possible to control and eliminate exam malpractice.

“The Country should know that the war against examination malpractices is like that against corruption. It’s a war that must be fought by all of us Minister Muyingo said.

He called for support in fighting corruption, by fighting against exam malpractice. “This is how corruption is bread. If teachers, head teachers and parents encourage malpractice, corruption will never end.”

He also expressed concern as Biology overall was the worst done subject.

“It’s quite sad that learners in Biology cram instead of understanding,” he added.

Statistics presented by UNEB indicate many positive trends like reduction in the dropout rate, 98.6% candidates qualifying for UACE.

In 2018, the examination body withheld results for 79 candidates (0.06 percent of the total candidature that sat from 24 centres).

Mr Odongo said the students whose results were withheld were either given external assistance, substitution of scripts, and smuggled unauthorized material into the examination room or impersonated.

He said that Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry were the most affected subjects.

According to him, the affected students will be accorded a fair hearing by the board before a final verdict is made.

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